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Rumba Vol. 2 by Phantom Sounds: The Ultimate Latin Tech House Sample Pack

Over the past few years, Latin House music has experienced remarkable growth and evolution, capturing the hearts and energizing dancefloors worldwide. Emerging from the vibrant fusion of Latin rhythms, electronic beats, and infectious melodies, Latin House has become a prominent genre in the global music scene. Rumba Vol. 2, the ultimate sample pack by Phantom Sounds is designed to inspire and elevate your Latin Tech House productions, providing you with all the essential tools to create infectious and groovy tracks.


Rumba Vol.2 is a meticulously crafted collection that captures the essence of Latin Tech House, drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Classmatic, Andruss, and Hugel. With syncopated drum loops, punchy drum hits, powerful basslines, electrifying synths, and inspiring construction kits, this pack delivers a diverse range of samples that will ignite your creativity. For a limited time you can avail the pack for 15% off with code WERAVEYOU15.



Pack Content

Let’s explore the contents of Rumba Vol.2. It features 30 bass loops and 30 synth loops, all accompanied by their MIDI counterparts, allowing you to customize and tweak the sounds to fit your unique style. Additionally, you’ll find 5 construction kits, complete with MIDI files and stems, enabling you to study and dissect professional arrangements to enhance your own compositions.


To add more flavor to your tracks, the pack includes 20 bongo loops, 20 clave loops, and 20 conga loops, providing authentic Latin percussion elements that will inject rhythm and energy into your productions. You’ll also find 110 drum loops (including full, hat, percussion, and top loops), 140 drum one-shots, and 20 FXs, giving you a vast selection of high-quality drum sounds and effects to enhance your beats.


Rumba Vol.2 doesn’t stop there. It offers 20 bass one-shots, 20 synth one-shots, and 30 live guitar loops (both dry and wet) to add organic elements and unique textures to your tracks. Furthermore, you’ll discover 25 vocal loops that can add that extra touch of Latin flavor to your productions.


With a total unzipped size of over 2.2GB, this pack provides an abundance of diverse and professionally crafted samples, ensuring that you have everything you need to create your next Latin Tech House masterpiece.


But that’s not all. As an added bonus, “Rumba Vol.2” also grants you access to 5 pro construction kits created by seasoned professionals. These kits are compatible with any DAW and serve as valuable educational resources, offering insights into arrangement, mixing, and sound selection techniques employed by top-level producers.

Summarized content list:

  • 30 Bass Loops (+MIDI)
  • 30 Synth Loops (+MIDI)
  • 5 Construction Kits (+MIDI and Stems)
  • 20 Bass One Shots
  • 20 Synth One Shots
  • 110 Drum Loops (Full, Hat, Percussion, and Top)
  • 20 Bongo Loops
  • 20 Clave Loops
  • 20 Conga Loops
  • 140 Drum One-Shots
  • 20 FXs
  • 30 Live Guitar Loops (Dry & Wet)
  • 25 Vocal Loops


Rumba Vol. 2 Latin Tech House sample pack by Phantom Sounds is currently available for a discounted price €35,00 EUR. The regular price of the sample pack is €47,00 EUR. For a limited time, you can avail the pack for 15% off with code WERAVEYOU15.





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