Pioneer DDJ-FLX10

Pioneer DJ reveals new 4-Channel mixer, DDJ-FLX10

As an industry leader, Pioneer is one of the most recognizable brands in dance music as it graces the stages of clubs and festivals around the world, providing the most commonly used mixers and CDJs in the industry.  Also looking to expand its reach and create products for DJs of all levels and skill sets, the company has returned with a brand new 4-channel controller, the DDJ-FLX10.

Working seamlessly with either Serato or Rekordbox, the newly designed DDJ-FLX10 is a compact yet powerful 4-channel controller and includes a variety of new features to help ensure pristine transitions.  Helping DJs quickly create mash-ups on the fly, the new controller allows for the ability to isolate drums, instruments, or vocals and then apply FX or even transfer the selection to another track.  Users will further be able to take advantage of the new Mix Point Link function, which enables cue points to be linked, ensuring that a song comes in right as the vocal of the previous track ends or any other critical point desired.  This also free’s up the DJ’s hands to add FX or create mash-ups during this process.

Of course, lighting and visual effects are also key components of any DJ set and the DDJ-FLX10 has a built-in DMX output so that no outboard gear is required for the setup.  Pioneer also took some liberties with the jog display, giving users the option of four different screen settings depending on their preference.  For the jog screen, they can switch between Deck Info Mode, which shows relevant information about the deck, including the waveform, Waveform Mode, which shows a magnified version of the waveforms for two decks, Artwork Display, showing the artwork for the current track playing, or DJ Logo Display, where an artist can upload their very own logo.

Be sure to check out the full walk-through video below to learn more about the Pioneer DDJ-FLX10.

Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

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