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Pioneer unveils three new DM Desktop Speakers

The Pioneer DM series gets an expansion with 3 new Desktop Speakers. Pioneer manifested its name deep in the music scene with DJ Gear, Headphones, Software, and Speakers and delivers quality for an affordable price. The 3 new models in the DM series DM-40D, DM-40D-BT, and the DM-50D-BT can be switched between DJ and production mode and even feature Bluetooth (all models with BT on).


Let’s take a closer look at Pioneer’s latest launch. The DM series is made to deliver punchy basses and a very balanced audio signal due to the class D woofer which delivers the bass sound. It features a 96kHz sampling DSP. In addition to that, the Speaker’s air wholes sit in the front, so even if you are placing the speakers near a wall or on your table, they will still get enough air to deliver a good sound. On the front side, you can change the monitor’s loudness with a knob (in case you have no interface) and on the back you have the switch, to choose between DJ & Production mode, the inputs for your audio cables, and the On/Off switch.


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Featured with a new Convex DECO-diffuser the Pioneer DM series is set to deliver clear high frequencies and compliment the bass response. Also, they deliver a great 3D stereo picture which helps them to give you the same sound experience in the whole room. Additionally the Time Alignment times all frequency responses and delivers you a crystal clear and broad sound picture. 2 of the 3 new models have a 4-inch bass woofer and you can get 1 speaker with a 5-inch woofer. Also, two of the desktop speaker give you the possibility to connect your Bluetooth devices with the monitors to extend the creative possibilities.

Now available for DM-40D (£149), DM-40D-BT (£169), and the DM-50D-BT (£229) and in the colors black & white.

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Image credits: Pioneer