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Best Plugin Sales for Music Producers: April 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of “Best Plugin Sales of the Month for Music Producers” for April 2023. Music production has evolved significantly in recent years, with technology playing a vital role in the creation and production of music. Music producers and composers rely heavily on plugins to achieve the desired sounds and effects, making them an essential tool for their craft. With so many plugins available in the market, it can be challenging to find the best ones that suit your needs as a music producer. This monthly guide aims to provide you with a curated list of the most popular and reliable plugins currently on sale that will help you create the music you’ve always wanted. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of plugins and explore the best sales available for April 2023, tailored specifically for music producers.


1. iZotope Spring Sale [Trending!]

iZotope provides advanced plugins for music production, post-production, and mastering purposes. They offer a variety of plugins such as the popular Ozone mastering suite, the comprehensive Neutron mixing suite, and the innovative vocal effects tool VocalSynth. Until April 30th, they are offering substantial discounts on their flagship plugins, including Ozone, RX, and Neutron, among others. This is one of the best Easter sales for music producers seeking high-quality plugins at a reduced price.




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2. SSL Native Essential Bundle

Don’t let this offer slip away, as it’s too good to pass up. The SSL Native Essential bundle is now on sale with a massive 90% discount for the Spring season. This bundle includes two of SSL’s most potent plugins that provide a mixing experience similar to working on a console within your DAW. It consists of the SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and the renowned SSL Native Bus Compressor 2, providing everything necessary to establish a robust foundation for any mix.



3. Sonible Plugins Sale

Sonible is a renowned name in the audio industry and has gained popularity for its exceptional plugins. Their smart:EQ 3 plugin, utilizing AI technology, is designed to detect and correct problematic frequencies automatically. Another plugin of theirs, entropy:EQ+, offers unique spectral balancing capabilities. The plugins from Sonible are renowned for their effectiveness and ease of use, making them a favorite among audio professionals. Their modern and cutting-edge algorithms have proven to be extremely beneficial in improving the mixing and mastering process. At present, their plugins are available at discounts of up to 60%.


4. Soundtoys sale

Soundtoys provides a variety of exclusive tools that aid producers in achieving their desired sound. Their range of effects, including EchoBoy and Decapitator, and innovative processors like Crystallizer, Decapitator, and Little AlterBoy, are exceptional in helping users achieve their goals. Soundtoys plugins are extensively used in the music industry and are popular for their unique sound and user-friendly interface. At present, they are offering discounts of up to 75% off their plugins.



5. DHPlugins HALO-2 Intro Sale

HALO-2 is a Rompler that bridges the gap between audio and synthesis with its visual and creative workflow. It combines re-sampled audio with Synth layers, processing, and FX, allowing users to easily create various sounds, including enormous basses, soaring leads, lush pads, and stabs. HALO-2 comes with extensive filter, FX, and modulation options, enabling users to make new sounds with just a few clicks. The ROMpler allows users to add their own custom audio files, providing infinite sound design possibilities. HALO-2 has been upgraded with features like sampler frequency modulation, split channel arpeggiator, and precision sample loop editing.


6. Arturia Rev LX-24 intro sale

Rev LX-24 is a modernized digital version of a classic ambiance box that played a significant role in reverb during a specific era. With Rev LX-24, you can easily incorporate a feeling of realistic spaciousness, cave-like depth, and subtle sparkling quality to your music mixes using vintage digital sound that remains timeless in its appeal.



7. Vengeance Sound April Sale

Vengeance Sound is running a spring sale on its vast selection of plugins, sample packs, and sound libraries. Producers can enjoy discounts of up to 33% on some of their best-selling products, such as VPS Avenger synth plugin, Tapestop, and GlitchBeat, among others. The sale is currently available through Plugin Boutique, providing producers with an excellent opportunity to stock up on top-notch sounds at a discounted price. With an extensive range of options available, producers of all genres and styles can find something to suit their music production needs.



8. Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Spring Sale

During Plugin Boutique’s Spring Sale, producers and songwriters can get Plugin Boutique Scaler 2, a cutting-edge music theory tool that simplifies the creation of intricate chords, progressions, and melodies. It features chord detection, scale suggestion, arpeggio creation, and an extensive library of chord and progression presets, making music production a breeze. The Spring Sale offers up to 48% off the regular price, making it an exceptional opportunity to buy or upgrade to Scaler 2 for a limited time only.



9. Softube Bus processor intro sale

The Softube Bus Processor is a software plugin designed to replicate the distinct sound and personality of a traditional mixing console. It provides a range of effective processing tools such as a compressor, equalizer, and harmonic distortion section that add warmth, depth, and character to your music mixes. Widely used by professional audio engineers and producers globally, the Bus Processor is a smart option for music producers who want to bring vintage charm to their productions. At present, it’s offered on a 33% discount on Plugin Boutique.

10. Mastering The Mix Spring Sale

Mastering the Mix is currently holding a spring sale for its audio plugins and tools, offering up to 50% discounts on products like ANIMATE, EXPOSE, and REFERENCE. These tools are created to aid producers and audio engineers in achieving better mix and mastering outcomes. The sale is an excellent chance to enhance your audio production arsenal and enhance the quality of your music.

That’s all for our best plugin sales for music producers: April 2023 edition. We’ll keep you updated as new deals pop up so make sure to check this list regularly!

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