Plugins & Gear used by ARTY

Plugins & Gear used by ARTY / Alpha9 | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

ARTY, the moniker of Russian DJ & Producer, Artem Stolyarov is one of the most prominent names in the progressive house and electronic pop music scene. His musical prowess both as ARTY & alias, Alpha 9 has earned him collaborations with artists such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, BT, Paul van Dyk, Mat Zo, OneRepublic, Matisse & Sadko, etc. At We Rave You Tech, we were fortunate enough to speak with ARTY recently to gain some insights into the music production tools he uses on a regular basis. Down below you’ll find top plugins & gear selected by ARTY / Alpha 9 and how he uses them on a regular basis.


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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: u-he Diva, Xfer Serum, LennarDigital Sylenth1, Arcade Output, reFX Nexus


1. u-he DIVA – Incredibly powerful synth – you can get very versatile and complex sounds for any sort of genre. It might be very heavy on your CPU sometimes but the “multicore” button on the top is a life savior.



2. Kontakt. I don’t think there is much explanation needed here. Incredibly powerful tool, with tons of paid and free libraries – live recorded strings, pianos, drums, choirs, you name it.



3. Output: Great synth engines and effects for Kontakt. Those are not cheap but the sound quality is very high. I’ve used Substance and Exhale in many of my tracks.



4. Serum Massive shoutout to Steve Duda, this guy’s a genius and Serum is real proof of it. The ways you can synthesize/process the sound are only limited by your imagination.



5. Arturia V Collection. I’ve always been a big fan of Arturia synths because of their rich and warm sound. Never had a chance to put my hands on real analog hardware but a software solution does the trick for me. If I need big and thick 80s basslines, leads or pads, Prophet/Jupiter/Juno are the synths to-go.





Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer: UAD 1176, Fabfilter Pro Q3 & more

1. UAD 1176. If needed, this is what goes to almost every single channel in my latest projects. Personally, I found this compressor the best sounding of everything I’ve tried so far. Super clean, very precise attack, and works for almost all types of instruments.



2. Fabfilter Pro-Q 3. Another must-have. The EQ I couldn’t imagine my life without. It gives me so much control in the mix, and troubleshooting is effortless because of its workflow. Having linear phase mode is just another cherry on the top.



3. NI Transient Master. Such a powerful dynamic ……………




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