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Plugins & Gear used by Eva Shaw | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Formerly known as Bambi, the multi-talented Canadian Eva Shaw began as a fashion model before gaining recognition as a DJ, producer, and songwriter. Initially only making music as a hobby, she rose rapidly in the electronic music scene with her first single release, “Charizma”, which was signed by Calvin Harris to his label Fly Eye. According to Insomniac, her major-label debut will be on Sony- and is coming soon. We recently caught up with the versatile and multi talented Eva Shaw to gain insights into her music production process. Down below is the list of plugins & gear used by Eva Shaw. 



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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Omnisphere, ARP2600, Kontakt, Serum, & more


1. Omnisphere – I’m always looking for unique leads & a cinematic/dark/edgy approach. Endless sounds to explore in the preset banks.




2. ARP2600 – the VST version, I like the vintage element it gives. Would love to try the analog version.



3. Kontakt – I like starting tracks with the guitars (session guitarist, strummed acoustic 2) and then changing it later by adding a real one. It’s great to get the idea going and start the basic direction. I write toplines as well and this is great to get a quick vibe. Also, use Kontakt for pads (analog dreams is dope).



4. Serum – For 808s and bass (more control rather than using samples). Cymatics has awesome banks to start with.



5. Battery – I use their drum kits to create my beats, especially for my hip-hop productions. Also, use this as a sampler sometimes.



5. Prophet v – weird sounds, vintage feel. Love the bass sounds.



6. Trackgod – Use this for bells, pianos, and traditional hip-hop sounds. It’s kinda cheap-sounding but in a good way



7. Wurlitzer 2 – I actually have a real one, but also use the plugin. Cool retro sound for chords. Adds warmth & depth.



Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer: Toraverb 2, Valhalla Reverbs & more

1. Toraverb 2 by D16 – Love this reverb, lots of control opportunities, including side chain.




2. Valhalla Reverbs – Room & vintage are probably my most……..




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