plugins & gear used by Maor Levi

Plugins & Gear used by Maor Levi | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Levi left a great impression, internationally, after his Anjunadeep debut with ‘Lital’. He rose to become an established artist within the trance scene after releasing hit records such as Chasing Love and On Our Own. After leaving his mark on the current trance sound with Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Tiësto supporting his tracks, Levi started to push the boundaries while crossing genres with a variety of aliases and projects. His beat-drivin’ productions and energetic live performances are conquering the entire world, and we want to know why. We recently caught up with Maor Levi to gain insights into his music production process. Down below is the list of essential plugins & gear used by Maor Levi. 



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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Zebra2, Hive2, Xfer Serum, Harmor, Reaktor & more


1. U-he Zebra2 – Probably one of my favorite synths out there, for unexpected sounds and really cool sequences, it’s just timeless.




2. U-he Hive2 – Same principle as Zebra but with a more ‘digitally’ sound, Powerful synth with many great filter types that end up giving me unexpected, yet cool results.



3. Xfer Serum – Serum comes into play when I experiment with sound design. I like how you start on a blank canvas and end up with something crazy due to its slick and straightforward interface. I like how friendly it is and how quickly you can achieve results.



4. Image-Line Harmor – I personally think this is one of the most underrated synths on the market, its versatile with a unique sound engine, the Image oscillator is pretty insane, I like it for taking a simple sound and making it sound organic instantly



5. Reaktor 6 – I’ve always been into modular stuff but never owned a modular synth, I think this one comes close to having that ‘Modular’ workspace, I like it for FX mostly because it’s so crazy, there are so many great ensembles for it out there, seems almost to infinity.



6. Native Instruments Straylight – a Brilliant Atmospheric Library from the guys at Native Instruments, really good for Pads and Shimmery effects with a Granular twist.



7. Tonehammer Emotional Piano – a Lush-sounding Piano, I’ve used it a lot for single notes other than chords, but I think it’s a matter of taste, it sounds great and responds amazingly to Velocity.



8. 8DIO Majestica – Gigantic Library, I like to use it when I go in-depth on Cinematic sections due to its very detailed engine, it sounds so realistic and I think it’s great for every composer.



9. Native Instruments Strings Ensemble – Very straightforward library yet sounding so full and great, I like for full-on strings section and the articulations are also very cool



10. Native Instruments Ashlight – Released not too long ago but already found a part in my arsenal of toys, its wonderful for Pads, SciFi FX, and Granular synthesis all around, I love dragging samples into it and creating hybrid sounds.



Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer:  Pro Q3, Plugin Alliance bx_console & more

1. Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 – Industry standard at this point, the dynamic features on it makes it so versatile, I will mostly use it to do some in-depth super accurate EQ on annoying frequencies, and sometimes for sound-design too using resonant bands



2. Plugin Alliance bx_console 9000 – The big, deep and clear sound of the Solid State Logic 9000……..




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