Plugins & Gear used by Showtek | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Showtek is a highly celebrated Dutch DJ & producer duo composed of brothers Wouter Janssen and Sjoerd Janssen. Showtek is one of the most respected duos in electronic dance music and are a regular feature at major festivals all over the world. With many hits and a very steady release schedule, they will soon debut their next album. We recently caught up with Showtek to gain insights into their music production process. Down below is the list of essential plugins & gear used by Showtek.



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Q.1 Top favorite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Serum, Spire, Electra X by Tone 2 & more

1. Serum – so many modulations possible, it never gets boring. 


2. Spire –  close to our all-time favorite hardware Virus TI. 


3. Electra X by Tone 2 – amazing for leads and atmos sounds, and breakdowns.


4. Omnisphere – we love the diversity of sounds and moods you can create with this synth.


5. Ana 2 by Slate – phat and versatile!!


Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer: Eiosis Premium Air Eq, Shaper Box by Cable guys & more

1. Eiosis Premium Air Eqamazing sonics, and so awesome to use and get the right EQ. The band intensity is an awesome feature to get the right sounds there.


2. Shaper Box by Cable guys: is a great creative tool…….




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Image Credits: Showtek(press) / provided by Showtek management