plugins & gear used by Sullivan King

Plugins & Gear used by Sullivan King | Exclusive Interview

DJ, producer, and musician Sullivan King is well-known in the electronic dance music scene. He has developed a devoted following and received accolades for his exuberant performances and avant-garde sound. He is known for his distinctive fusion of heavy metal and electronic music. Sullivan King is known for being a versatile and genre-defying musician. His work is distinguished by the use of live instrumentation and heavy bass. On January 12th, 2023, Sullivan King unveiled the title track of his upcoming album, “Thrones Of Blood,” following a successful year in his career. The album is set to be released on March 17th through the label Monstercat, and this new single offers a preview of what listeners can expect from the full-length release. We recently caught up with him to know more about his music production process. Down below you’ll find the complete list of plugins & gear used by Sullivan King


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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Reaktor, GetGood Drums, Output Analog Brass, Analog Strings, Una Corda, Operator & more.


1. Anything in Reaktor, mainly Razor and Monark – I think additive synthesis as a whole is really exciting and has a completely different tonality and chaotic vibe that I don’t get out of other synths. I’ve been using Razor since the beginning for a lot of my sound design and basses, etc. Monark is just an awesome Moog style VST that is great for layering guitars with which is really useful for me




2. GetGood Drums – Some of the best-sounding drums I’ve found that have so much variety. They really have live drums so dialed in it’s insane



3. Everything by Output, so Analog Brass and Analog Strings – Everything from Portal to Thermal for their post-processing power to the Synths is just perfection. So quick to use in getting ideas out.



4. Una Corda for PianoJust a great sounding piano.



5. Operator in Ableton – Just super simple and is really overlooked for its power and versatility I think. Some of my favorite producers have pulled off some insane shit just with operator.





Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer:  Trash 2, Decapitator, Little AlterBoy, Melodyne, Kilohearts & more.

1. Izotope Trash 2 – Incredible distortion plug in that just gives incredible inspiration really fast and can make something really bland feel fucking massive so quick which to me is important with how much I write.


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2. Soundtoys Decapitator– Another amazing distortion plug in, I really love it for saturating vocals.



3. Soundtoys Little Alterboy – Probably the gold standard plugin for formant shifting and pitch shifting vocals. Super fun to use.



4. Melodyne  – Vocal tuning but more so it’s insanely sick to use on basses and to really f*ck things up a ton!!



5. Literally anything by Kilohearts  – Because the UI is amazing and they’re all so clean and powerful sounding. Phase Plant is also incredible.



Q.3. Top favourite Gear

Answer:  Neumann U87 Mic, Tube-Tech MEC 1A Channel Strip, Barefoot Footprint 2. 

1. Neumann U87 Mic – it’s just such a colorful and classic mic



2. Tube-Tech MEC 1A channel strip – This combined with the U87 is my favorite chain for vocals. Worked for 10 years in order to get it, and it’s been a dream to write and record through!



3. Barefoot Footprint 2 monitors – These changed my mixing game HEAVY, I don’t know how I ever let myself release music before these, lol




Image Credits: Sullivan King (press) / provided by Monstercat

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