Plugins & Gear used by UZ | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

UZ is a french-born DJ/producer and one of the pioneers of electronic trap music. UZ has played on every big festival and has started his own label where he discovered acts like SAYMYNAME, Nitti Gritti, Rome in Silver, and more. His sound design and technical skills are immaculate and make him stand out from the rest. We recently caught up with UZ to gain insights into his music production process. Down below is the list of essential plugins & gear used by UZ.



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Q.1 Top favorite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Kontakt ,Reaktor, Omnisphere & more

1. Kontakt  – has to be the one that I have used the most in the last 15years. There are so many libraries, literally everything you need even if you produce dubstep, trap, rock, house, and more. Favorite libraries are 808warfare, all the output stuff,


2. Reaktor – I have also used Reaktor a lot when I started UZ, so I would have original sounds that no one would use.


3. Omnisphere –  is also a classic in the Hip-Hop and EDM world, there are so many great sounds that it became a must in my Ableton Setup.


4.Splice – One of the greatest is Splice. It’s not really a plug-in, but it’s a desktop app that acts as a standalone sampler with unlimited samples. This is for me one of the biggest resources for inspiration, it’s got samples, loops, midi files, and they made it very easy to search by theme, sounds, tonality, etc… definitely one of my favorite tools for producing music at the moment.


5.Keyscape – is amazing. The best sample-based keyboards and piano and Rhodes on the market. I do have a real Rhodes Mark II and I have to say Keyscape is super close to the real thing. I don’t use it as much for UZ, but I mostly use it for my next project 🙂


6. Arturia – has some of the best sounding Vintage Synthesizer emulations like Jupiter-8, Arp2600, Prophet, and more


Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer: ProQ3Soothe2 & more

1. ProQ3:Definitely one of the best EQ plug-ins out there, Very straightforward and easy to use, but you can also carve the sound super precisely with cool features like dynamic EQing, side-chain EQ, and EQ matching. The presets are also a great start to work on your sound.


2. Soothe2: it’s just like a magic wand to get rid.…….




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Image Credits: UZ (Press) / Provided by Getin PR