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Top Plugins, Softwares & Online Apps to extract vocals & instrumentals out of any song

Have you ever wondered how you can extract vocals & instrumentals out of any song to use it for remixes, cover versions, or mashups? Well, there are plenty of plugins and Online apps, which do just that and help you to get very clean and professional results for your own creations. We created a list of top plugins and had a keen eye on free and paid plugins to help producers on a budget and pros. Let’s start.


Top 9 ways to extract vocals & instrumentals out of any song


1. iZotope RX 10 – VST Plugin

iZotope is a well-recognized name within the music industry. Their popular vocal processing software & plugin RX-10 has pushed the boundaries to a whole new level. RX-10 comes with different features like Noise Removal, Click removal, and Sound removal where you can surgically remove instruments or vocals from any song. You can either work in your DAW or download the app and work on the go on your projects. Many pros rely on this plugin and cherish its preciseness and versatility.

You can get RX Elements starting at 129 Euros, RX Standard for 399 Euros, and RX-10 Advanced for 1,199 Euros.



2. Hit’n’Mix Ripx – VST Plugin

An audio editing software with a simple layout that is very intuitive to people who are used to working with audio software. Simply drag an MP3 onto the workspace to rip apart the track and isolate the various instruments. The software will analyse the track, revealing isolated colored waveforms showing the various elements of the track. Users can even use the solo button to focus on a specific instrument without highlighting any of the visible audio.


3. Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX – VST Plugin

Unlike other companies, Lakeside Audio went a step further with its Isola Pro FX Plugin. They have used psychoacoustics algorithms instead of left & right subtraction to create a cleaner and more professional result while extracting vocals & instrumentals. If you load in a high-quality song you can even extract whole guitar melodies out of songs and use them in your creations. This plugin is just right to get stems out of any song.

Its priced at 129 Euros for a full version (Mac & Windows support).


4. Lalal.ai – Online App

Lalal.ai is a great app to separate vocals, sounds, instruments, drums, and other sounds. After you upload your audio file, they will deliver you the stems dissected into Drums, Vocals, and Instruments and give you a quicker workflow. They state that you get your files back without quality loss!

Lalal.ai is available in different packages starting with free, a lite pack for 15 Euro per month, or a pro pack for 30 Euro. They also provide business solutions for the bulk processing of tracks.


5. BlueLab  Rebalance – VST Plugin

BlueLab Audio is known for creating rather unique and specific plugins and giving them out for Free. This is great for producers on a budget. The new and free Rebelance plugin is a unique Equalizer that can boost or cut different instrument groups in a song, based on their frequency ranges. With 4 knobs for Vocals, Bass, Drums, and other sounds and 4 sensitivity knobs you have a great tool to rebalance your songs or extract whole elements out of them.

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6. Wavosaur – Software

Wavosaur is a great tool for producers who want to deep dive into the music but are on a budget. This free software is great to extract and replace audio files and edit songs with a slice remover, audio trimming, and audio replacement. Just a handy tool to have for certain occasions and one with an easy workflow.

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7. Audacity – Software

Audacity gives us a free and open-source audio editor and delivers professional work experience for everyone. Unlike other software developers, Audacity combined their software with a VST manager and some stock plugins to give you more possibilities while extracting vocals & instrumentals. You can easily load songs and audio files and analyze them via an FFT Spectrogram. The great accessibility will help you to get clean and pro results.

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8. WavePad Audio Editing Software – Software

If you don’t want to spend too much on premium software to extract any sound out of a song, WavePad will please you! This software comes with an FFT spectrum, a text-to-speech tool, a voice changer, and a professional editor and extraction plugin. The greatest feature of this plugin is the Audio restoration including noise reduction and click pop removal. It will help you to clean up the audio file you have extracted and make it a more natural-sounding audio clip.

Unless you use it for commercial it’s free and when you want to use it commercially its 38,08 Euro.


9. Splitter Pro – Online App

Splitter.ai delivers you a quick and great extraction of sounds and already divides it into stems for a quicker usage as a producer. As an example, you will get 5 stems divided into Drums, Vocals, Piano, Bass, and other sounds. In Splitter pro, you will get many great advantages like a Browser extension, and Splitter Studio where you can use different audio tools to reconstruct or deconstruct audio. Also, you get a unique Unverb audio tool that delivers you a dry signal with AI technology. All in all a great tool to work fast and effectively as a producer.

The pricing is 12,99 dollars per month or 49,99 dollars per year.


10. Moises App – Online App

Moises created a great app for musicians and producers on the go. With their app, you can either extract vocals & instrumentals out of any song or make them less loud to play alongside your favorite song or you can edit the song in a way you like. With their AI technology, it is very easy to change the BPM and Key of a song to let it fit into your productions. When inspiration catches you on the go this app is your friend.

The pricing starts at 3,99 dollar monthly or annually 39,99 dollar and is available via Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.


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