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Plugins Summer Sale: Best deals for Music Producers 2023

As summer heats up in 2023, so do the opportunities to enhance your music production setup at incredible prices. We compiled the best summer sales on plugins for music producers, where you can discover a vast array of cutting-edge tools to take your music to the next level. Whether you’re looking for powerful synth plugins, versatile effects plugins, or immersive virtual instruments, this guide will unveil the hottest deals and promotions, allowing you to unlock your full potential as a music producer without breaking the bank. Get ready to ignite your creativity and bring your musical vision to life with these irresistible summer sales!


SSL Native Bus Compressor 2

The SSL Native Buss Compressor plugin is a highly regarded emulation of the iconic SSL G-Series center section bus compressor. Renowned for its ability to create a cohesive mix that “sounds like a record,” this plugin offers a musical response that maintains the mix’s dynamic integrity even at higher compression ratios. Engineers have long favored the SSL Bus Compressor for its simplicity and flexibility, and the plugin version includes additional features like dry/wet signal blending for parallel processing and a sidechain highpass filter to minimize low-end pumping. With its updated features and integration with SSL 360, including control from compatible hardware surfaces, the SSL Native Buss Compressor plugin is the perfect tool to add the final polish to your mixes. Currently available at a much-discounted price.




FKFX Audio 

An extraordinary effect plugin offering a unique sound processing experience. Harnessing high-rate FFT technology, it creates captivating time-lapse effects, preserving spectral brilliance in any sound, voice, or instrument. With simplicity as a standout feature, a single master knob activates all freeze and effect functions, streamlining the creative process. Auto-record functionality generates synchronized audio files, easily integrated into any DAW. With powerful effects like Cristalise, Radian, and FFT Comb, musicians can effortlessly add textures and transform sounds. Explore new sonic landscapes with four freeze buffers and LFO control. Vocal Freeze is available for $79 with a free trial option.



Baby Audio Summer Sale

Baby Audio, known for its creative and unique plugins, offers a diverse selection of tools for mixing, mastering, and sound design. Whether you’re looking for analog-inspired saturation, dynamic processing, or rhythmic effects, the Summer Sale presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your audio productions at a more affordable price. Don’t miss out on this limited-time event to expand your sonic arsenal and unleash your creativity with Baby Audio’s advanced plugins. Some great BABY Audio plugins such as Spaced Out, Comeback Kid, BA-1 & more are available at a much-discounted price.



iZotope Summer of Sound Sale

Among the featured plugins in the iZotope summer sale is RX 10, a flagship audio repair and restoration tool that offers industry-leading capabilities for cleaning up audio recordings. The Music Production Suite provides a comprehensive collection of professional tools for mixing, mastering, and creative music production. For those looking to elevate their vocal production, the Vocal Bundle includes essential plugins like Neoverb, an intelligent reverb processor, and Vocalsynth 2, a versatile vocal effects plugin capable of creating unique vocal textures. With iZotope’s Summer Sale, you can enhance your audio workflow and achieve pristine results at a discounted price, making it an ideal opportunity to upgrade your plugin arsenal.



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Sonnox Summer Sale

Sonnox’s renowned plugins such as Inflator are an exceptional tool for adding warmth, presence, and harmonic excitement to audio material. The Limiter v4, another flagship plugin, provides transparent peak level control and enhances loudness without compromising the mix’s dynamic range. The Dynamic EQ, known for its precision and flexibility, enables precise frequency-dependent control for dynamic tonal shaping. Additionally, the VoxDoubler plugin delivers natural-sounding vocal doubling and harmonization effects, perfect for adding depth and richness to vocal tracks. Thanks to the Sonnox Summer Sale, music producers can now get their plugins at a much cheaper price.



Mastering the Mix Summer sale

Mastering The Mix is a renowned and trusted name in the world of audio production. With their innovative software tools and educational resources, they empower music producers and engineers to achieve professional-level mixes and masters. Their range of products includes groundbreaking plugins that address common mixing and mastering challenges, such as dynamic range control, stereo imaging, and low-end clarity. From the critically acclaimed LEVELS plugin, which provides valuable insights into the technical aspects of your mix, to the powerful and intuitive REFERENCE 2, which allows you to compare your track to popular reference tracks, Mastering The Mix offers a comprehensive toolkit for achieving exceptional sonic results. With their commitment to quality and user-friendly interfaces, mastering the mix has become an indispensable resource for music producers seeking to elevate their sound to new heights.



UJAM Summer Madness Sale

UJAM is known for its innovative virtual instrument and plugin offerings that cater to a wide range of musical genres and styles. Whether you’re searching for realistic drum grooves, authentic guitar and bass performances, or electronic beats and melodies, UJAM’s extensive collection of virtual instruments has you covered. With their Summer Sale, you can save on popular products like Virtual Drummer, Virtual Guitarist, and Beatmaker series, each offering intuitive interfaces, high-quality sounds, and customizable performances. Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your music productions and ignite your creativity with UJAM’s versatile and inspiring virtual instruments at discounted prices during the Summer Sale.



Universal Audio Summer Sale

Universal Audio is renowned for their meticulously crafted emulations of vintage analog gear, and the Summer Sale presents an ideal opportunity to enhance your audio productions at a more affordable price. Whether you’re in search of authentic vintage compressors, EQs, reverbs, or channel strips, Universal Audio’s plugin lineup offers a vast selection of industry-standard tools. Additionally, their original UAD plugins provide unique and creative options for sound shaping and processing. With the Summer Sale, you can expand your plugin collection with renowned analog emulations and innovative digital processors, ensuring that your mixes and recordings achieve a professional and polished sound.



Softube Volume 6 & Upgrades Intro Sale

This versatile bundle includes a range of plugins that cover various aspects of audio production. Among the notable offerings are the FET Compressor MK II and OPTO Compressor, both renowned for their authentic analog emulation and transparent dynamic control. The Amp Room series, consisting of Vintage Suite, Metal Suite, Bass Suite, and Marshall Suite, provides an array of guitar and bass amplifier emulations for crafting diverse tones. The addition of the Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer, Dirty Tape, Wasted Space, and British Class A plugins expands the sonic possibilities with vintage synth sounds, tape saturation, creative reverb, and classic British console emulation. The Weiss EQ MP and Statement Lead plugins offer precision equalization and lead sound sculpting capabilities, respectively. With a multitude of top-quality plugins and new additions, the Softube Volume Plugin Bundle empowers users to achieve professional-grade audio results across a wide range of genres and applications.



Antares Auto-tune Sale 

For a limited time only, enjoy a whopping 50% off on Auto-Tune Artist, Auto-Tune Hybrid, and Auto-Tune Pro X. What’s more, these incredible deals come bundled with a complimentary 1-year subscription to either Auto-Tune Unlimited or Auto-Tune EFX+. You can also opt for Auto-Tune Producer, which includes a free 1-year subscription.



Heavyocity Summer Sale

Whether you’re looking for cinematic impact or mind-blowing rhythmic precision, Heavyocity has you covered. Their award-winning virtual instruments like Gravity, NOVO, and Damage deliver unparalleled sonic depth and realism. With the Summer Sale, you can score incredible discounts on these game-changing plugins, unlocking a world of creativity and power for your compositions. Hurry and take advantage of this limited-time offer to supercharge your sound and inspire your musical journey.



Moog Moogerfooger Effects Pedals Sale

Moogerfooger plugins are software emulations of the legendary hardware effects units created by Moog Music. These plugins are designed to capture the unique analog sound and functionality of the original Moogerfooger hardware units. Moogerfooger plugins offer a range of effects, including phaser, ring modulator, lowpass filter, delay, and more. They are known for their warm and characterful sound, making them popular among musicians, producers, and sound designers seeking to add vintage analog flavor to their digital audio productions. Moogerfooger plugins are compatible with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and are highly regarded for their sonic quality and versatility. All the Moogerfooger plugins are available for 50% off.



Waves Sale

For a limited time, Waves is offering one free plugin if you spend $50 and if you spend $90, you’ll receive not just one, but two free plugins. Waves plugins are renowned for their exceptional quality and versatility, covering a wide range of effects, mixing tools, virtual instruments, and mastering processors. Popular Waves plugins such as the SSL E-Channel, CLA-2A Compressor/Limiter, H-Delay Hybrid Delay, and the API 2500 Stereo Compressor are just a taste of the incredible options available.



Plugin Alliance Sale

Plugin Alliance offers a vast array of cutting-edge audio processing tools that cater to every aspect of music production. From the silky smooth compression of the SSL G Series Bus Compressor to the rich analog warmth of the bx_console E, their plugins deliver unparalleled sonic quality and flexibility. Explore other favorites like the bx_oberhausen virtual synth or the Brainworx bx_masterdesk mastering plugin. All are available at a much-discounted price for a limited time.



That’s all for our best summer sales on plugins for music producers in 2023. We’ll keep you updated as new deals pop up so make sure to check this list regularly!

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