plugins used by ian kirkpatrick

Plugins used by Ian Kirkpatrick | producer for Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

Ian Eric Kirkpatrick is an American record producer based in Los Angeles, California. In collaboration with artists like Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo, and Birtney Spears he has been awarded for multiple platinum records and gold records. Ian is not a stranger within the pop, alternative rock, and indie rock genres as he has produced a vast number of tracks with releases on major labels like Universal, Warner Records, Interscope Records, and Virgin EMI Records. Ian Kirkpatrick recently started streaming on Twitch where he shares insights into his production process. Taking information from his live streams here are the plugins used by Ian Kirkpatrick.


Plugins used by Ian Kirkpatrick


1. XLN Audio – XO

This drum sequencer collects all your drum samples within 1 plugin. XO will be functioning as a drum machine including your own samples, where you can tweak every sample or create a groove using several groove templates. The layout can be a little bit overwhelming but is offering a lot of features. This plugin is a beast and Ian Kirkpatrick loves to use it in many of his production sessions.



2. iZotope Trash 2

This distortion unit made by Izotope can add extreme changes or subtle adjustments to your sounds. While using the built-in multiband you’ll be able to add distortion only on a specific part of the frequency spectrum without affecting the whole signal. Trash 2 includes 2 filters, delay, limiter, dry/wet, and a bypass function to add or compare between your adjustments.



3. Waves Torque

This drum tone shifter will transpose frequencies of your kicks, percussions, snare, and claps to correct mistuned drums or enhance a certain tone. Use the threshold to control how hard the plugin has to work and use the Torque knob to pitch the selected frequencies up or down.



4. Oeksound – Spiff

Oeksound Spiff is a tool to control the transients of the audio. Spiff analyses the incoming signal and only applies the processing on the parts of the audio that contain transient information. This EQ-specific transient designer can cut, boost, or reduce information and contains a bunch of presets to help you get the right sound.



5. Xfer Records – LFO Tool

Xfer Records created this sidechain tool to increase the workflow while working on a song. LFO Tool lets you sculpt your own personal sidechain, tremolo, gate, or auto-pan effect within just a few clicks. Use the included features such as rate, swing, phase, and PWM to control the incoming signal or to create something new.



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6. Scaler 2

The Scaler 2 plugin developed by Plugin Boutique helps you develop your music theory knowledge. It will automatically detect the key and scale of your melodies and will offer you multiple options such as chord voicing, scale & chord sets, modulation suggestions, and voice grouping to optimize your workflow.



7. Soundtoys 5 Bundle

Soundtoys has been considered as the elite of plugins within the music scene. Included within are the Decapitator, Little Alterboy, Echoboy, FilterFreak, Little Plate, and many more. Strengthen your sounds, discover new possibilities in sound design, or add character to your sounds. Everything can be done with this Soundtoys 5 Bundle.



8. FabFilter Pro Bundle

This bundle contains all of the tools for mixing & mastering. Used by artists like Ian, Mike Dean, ODESZA, and Clean Bandit this bundle is definitely something to watch out for. The professional plugins will range from EQ’s, compressors, and delays to limiters, reverbs, and de-essers without introducing circuitry imperfections.



9. Native Instruments Massive

Massive is a hybrid synthesizer combining both analog and virtual sounds. It can be used perfectly in the studio as well as on stage containing over 1000 presets for your productions or performances. Have a look at the newer version of Massive called ‘Massive X’ as Komplete calls it the next-generation flagship.



10. Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares introduced a fully functional auto-tune plugin including all of the features you need for pitch correction. Auto-Tune Pro offers you the availability to choose the scale, single notes, humanization, vibrato, and more. Control your acapella’s with minimum effort.


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