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Polo & Pan are selling their gear on Reverb
Polo & Pan Reverb Shop
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Polo & Pan are selling their gear on Reverb

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While it can be hard for musicians to let go of the gear and hardware that helped them launch their careers, sometimes it is important to do some house cleaning and make room for new toys in the studio.  French duo Polo & Pan are doing that right now as they listed a number of items for sale through our friends at online music marketplace, Reverb.

While the French duo has been leaving a mark on the house music scene thanks to singles like Ani Kuni and Canopée, it appears that they are ready to move on from some of the gear that helped define their productions and singles throughout their career.  Within the store, are some incredible pieces of hardware, and the duo provides descriptions not just of the gear itself, but also provides some insight into where and when it was used on their own productions.  Highlights include a pair of Urei Universal Audio 1176LN Rev. H limiting adapters that were once owned by The Bee Gees and a Neve 1073 Pre-amp / EQ Rack Module that were used on the first two Polo & Pan albums.

The store is not just for outboard production gear, with a variety of synths and samplers available.  One such item is the Akai MPC 2000XL SE2 Orange Special Edition, a limited edition release from the late 90s that includes an updated SD card within it.  There is a total of 28 items currently available as of this writing, and the duo note that everything will be shipped from their own studio in the north of Paris. Check out the full collection of used gear at the Polo & Pan Reverb shop now, and be sure to keep Reverb in mind for all of your used and new gear needs.


Image credit: Polo & Pan

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