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Porter Robinson reveals how he made ‘Everything Goes On’

After over a decade in the game, it’s safe to say that superstar DJ and producer Porter Robinson is a veteran in the music industry. With two albums, multiple hits, and his own festival, the Chapel Hill, North Carolina native has seemingly done it all before, but as he demonstrated on a recent Twitch stream, he’s still got new ways to wow the fans. For the first time in his career, Robinson has shown the stems to one of his songs, namely, “Everything Goes On”


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In a stream which has since been saved as a video on the artist’s Twitch page, Robinson spends a little over an hour on FL Studio thoroughly combing through the stems he used for this recent track he made for League of Legends’ Star Guardians 2022 announcement.


For Robinson’s fans, this is a wonderful glimpse into all the thought, work, and energy that goes into making music at a high level, as well as showcasing the artist’s down-to-earth, goofy (he gets sidetracked for about a minute trying to remember the word “cumulonimbus”) and decidedly likeable personality. For the aspiring producers and DJs out there, the video is good as gold- here we have a top-notch musician giving easy-to-follow insight into his own creative process, telling you more or less exactly what he did and the reasoning behind it. Whether you admire Robinson as a fan or as a fellow artist, this video is more than worth checking out.


For your convenience, a YouTube upload (with sections like “guitar”, “fills”, “vocal/chord progression”, etc. marked) of the “Everything Goes On” stem stream can be seen down below- if you prefer to watch it on Twitch and see the viewer commentary as it happened, click here.

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Image Credit: Rukes.com