Porter Robinson voicebank

Porter Robinson releases his own YAMAHA VOCALOID6 voicebank

This DJ/Producer, musician, and singer appeared as Porter Robinson at 18 through Skillex’s label Owsla. His debut EP called Spitfire conquered the world mainly with the track ‘Language’. These hard-hitting beats were typical for the artist but until now, he moved onto a more musical and experimental approach when writing songs. His new album ‘Nurture’ is an excellent example of experimentation and the evaluation of the artist. Porter announced a self-made voice in the style of Nurture and we’re excited to tell you all about this voicebank.


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VOCALOID 6 is a musical software offering you the tools and instruments to create digital-sounding vocals. The pursuit of natural-sounding vocals has been reached when they implemented VOCALOID:AI into the software. You can select different singers and choose between different types (robotic, lead vocal, etc.), colors (soft, whisper, etc.), and styles (sweet and subtle, strength and texture, etc.).

When listening to Porter’s music there might be a chance that you unnoticeably hear his own recorded voice throughout several tracks, and now is the time that you can use his voice in your next production. This voicebank called Po-uta is the newest in line of VOCALOID’s banks. As mentioned, this voicebank is in the style of his latest album called Nurture where you can expect the same uplifting vibe. Robinson: ‘Po-uta is also capable of realistic, human-sounding expressive styles too. I’m really curious to hear this software in the hands of people more capable of advanced VOCALOID tuning than me!’

Po-uta is exclusively produced for VOCALOID:AI and can’t be used as a standalone tool. You can use his bank in English and Japanese. The voicebank (before tax) is available for a price of $108.

Have a listen to Porter’s demo-song down below:

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Image Credits: Porter Robinson


- DJ/Producer from the Netherlands. - Graduated from the Conservatory in Amsterdam. - Currently working as the technical writer at We Rave You

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