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PreSonus releases Studio One version 6.1

Presonus has revealed a powerful new update for its popular Studio One software.  The newly released version 6.1 provides new features, and key fixes, and even extends to the Studio One Remote app which enables the DAW to be used by any iOS/Android/Windows tablet.

With the launch of Studio One version 6.1, creators will have a more streamlined workflow, especially when creating large projects and albums.  With the updated Project Page, users can save templates and effects chains, even if routed to external hardware and even work under Album Mode which offers Loudness Optimization to help ensure an entire project meets volume standards while still being able to adjust metrics for individual tracks.

Studio One 6.1 offers several new features as well as improvements to key user-optimized features recently released as a part of Studio One 6.0 as well as bug fixes, and other updates to help musicians and producers alike achieve the ideal workflow.

Songwriters will be thrilled to see the expanded lyric feature now allows for a large scrolling display of song lyrics through the use of an external monitor or tablet. In addition, users can adjust the orientation and font size while using Performance View as well as seamlessly transition lyrics from Song to Show page.

The updated version of Studio One also offers video editing features, where users can drag and drop video clips, process audio, and export in a variety of formats.  Other new features include Lyric Track, where creators can add lyrics directly to the project, beat-making tools, and Chord Track, a feature that helps navigate chord progressions without the need for understanding music theory.  Beyond these exciting new features, the overall presentation of Studio One helps simplify workflows and improve the mix and mastering process with new screens and integrated processes.

Choosing the right DAW is important for any producer’s workflow and creativity and Presonus is offering a powerful product with Studio One version 6.1.

Image Credit: Presonus

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