Reason Studios Objekt

Reason Studios introduces its newest physical modelling synth, Objekt

Dating back to the mid-90s, Propellerhead and Reason Studios have been pioneers in the world of digital music production and plugin development.  Now the company is launching a brand new physical modeling synth to help producers further explore sound design possibilities.

With the release of the brand new synthesizer, Objekt, Reason Studios has crafted a production tool that models the properties of acoustic instruments and allows the user to manipulate a wide variety of parameters in search of the right sound or expression through the controls.  Relying upon three resonating objects, which act like the instrument itself, and can be used to create a bell, string, or any other sound desired.  Relying on either a collection of presets or simpling starting from scratch, users can then move on to the Exciter section of the plugin to further develop the sound and tone.  With even subtle tweaks, the sound will evolve, providing a whole range of dynamics and the ability to create entirely new sounds and textures through the controls.  The range of options for manipulation and subtle tweaking makes Objekt an incredibly powerful synthesizer, capable of fine-tuning existing sounds and experiencing seemingly endless creative possibilities for new ones.

Included in the newly released synthesizer, Reason has packaged over 500 patches to help inspire and offer high-quality options for producers of all levels.  Offering the patches, Reason again emphasizes the ability to create from these starting points by accessing the many parameters of Objekt and experiencing the dynamic response to even minor tweaks.  The new synthesizer is included with Reason+ or can be downloaded as a standalone plugin, but does require Reason 10.1 or later to run the instrument.  Users interested in downloading Objekt as a standalone plugin can buy it for $79 from the Reason website.  Be sure to check out the official video below where Reason walks through the many parameters of Objekt.

Image Credit: Reason Studios

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