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Reveal Sound Spire: polyphonic powerhouse

Reveal Sound Spire is a Polyphonic software synthesizer designed to prove soft-synths are just as capable as their analog counterparts. The plugin is used by some of the biggest names in Electronic music today; Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buren, W&W, and several other producers swear by it for their productions. With its ever-updating algorithms, expanding sonic capabilities, and unmatched ease of use; Spire serves as a tremendous asset to the modern-day music producer.


Spire operates as a hybrid between traditional Subtractive synthesis and Wavetable synthesis. Wavetable synthesis uses a pre-recorded sound as an oscillator’s source input instead of only the traditional square, saw, sine, and triangle wave. The interface allows the user to make their selections via drop-down menus (Similar to Sylenth or Serum options bar). When designing a new preset, the user has up to 4 multimode polymorphing oscillators at their disposal. Each oscillator is capable of utilizing 9 unison voices. With 2 filters, 5 built-in FX options (Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanger, Phaser and Vowel, and Shaper), a 3 band EQ, and 3 Master Out customization knobs (X-Comp, Velocity, and Volume); Spire proves to be a robust sound design tool every producer should have on hand. In addition, additional modulation can be achieved using the 2 Steppers, Arpeggiator, and Matrix window. Reveal Sound designed Spire’s interface with ease of use in mind. For producers new to sound design, this is a great plugin to start with as the signal flow is displayed step by step.


Found in the preset manager, the plugin comes jam-packed with over 800 presets; ranging from beautiful reverb soaked plucks, aggressive basslines, and over-the-top leads ready for use in your next track. If you’re looking for even more professionally designed presets, Reveal Sound has a digital marketplace on its website to purchase 3rd party presets and samples. There are endless possibilities for what this action-packed synthesizer can achieve for any producer looking to refresh their sound. It is priced at USD $189 and offers a free fully functional demo version if you are still on the fence. Both can be downloaded using the link below.


Have a hands on look at Spire in action below:



Download Reveal Sound Spire:


Spire System requirements:


Windows 7 SP1 and higher

32 or 64-bit


MacOS: 10.8 and later (Intel or Apple Silicon)

32 or 64-bit


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Image credit: Reveal Sound

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