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Review: OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Headphones
OneOdio A70 headphone
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Review: OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Headphones

Home Uncategorized Review: OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Headphones

OneOdio is a consumer audio company specializing in headphones that are suitable for all kinds of occasions. The experienced Chinese manufacturer prides itself on its affordable studio, DJ, and gaming headphones (wired and unwired), as well as true wireless earbuds and microphones. One of their newest offerings, the impressive and inexpensive OneOdio A70, is the perfect demonstration of the company’s quality.


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Flexible and designed with DJ’ing in mind, the A70 is an excellent choice for the DJ on a budget. Inside, you’ll find a 40mm speaker holding on to an impedance of 32 Ohms, with a sensitivity of 110dB ± 3dB and a transmission frequency ranging from 2402MHz – 2480MHz. Hear everything you need while DJ’ing, producing, monitoring, or mixing through a frequency response that ranges from 20Hz up to 20KHz; connect the adapter-free (1.5m – 2.8m coiled) cable with a 6.35mm & 3.5mm jack input when it’s time to start mixing, or use the 650mAh version 5.2 Bluetooth battery for up to 72 hours of playtime while DJ’ing. In addition, the jack lock system makes sure the jack cable won’t pop out when on stage, and the neat sharing feature offers you the availability to impart your extra bass sound with other headphone users.

On the outside, the A70 is more than just good-looking. Flip a single earcup to the side in order to make DJ’ing more efficient, or turn both cups up to 90 degrees to achieve greater comfort while in the studio. Its material offers you maximum isolation and comfort through its memory-protein earpads (specially designed for long-term use and to prevent heat build-up) and the ultra-soft leather headband. It comes in your choice of black, silver, red, and gold.

The package includes:

  • OneOdio A70 headphone
  • Headphone pouch
  • 1x 3.5mm audio cable
  • 1x dual cable for 6.35mm and 3.5mm sockets
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x user guide

The A70 headphones are currently on sale at €45,95 (down from €71,95) on the OneOdio official website.

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Image Credits: Kytary

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