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Review: Rob Papen – Del Sane

Delay is one of the most used effects in any form of music. There are tons of delay plugins and analog gear available on the market. However, with the growing technological advancements and creativity every now and then we see some new groundbreaking tools. One plugin that belongs to this category is the newly released DelSane by Rob Papen.


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DelSane is a stereo tape delay plugin. Right after opening the plugin, you will see a cluster of knobs. You will notice all the standard basic features one expects from a delay plugin such as Feedback, Tempo Sync, Stereo/Mono, Low Cut & High Cut filters, etc. However, DelSane isn’t just limited to this. There are quite a few exciting features that will fuel your creativity with this plugin.

The first to follow is the Vocal filter that creates new types of delays based on the vowel and frequency. In practice, the vocal filter sounds like a phaser clubbed with a traditional delay effect. The Distortion knob allows you to add harmonies only to the wet signal. The unique selling proposition(USP) of DelSane is the Disrupt section. The disrupt slider allows for some real-time out-of-the-box delay effects. The slider is snapped to the center and as you move the slider away from the center the amount of effect applied is increased. You can set the disrupt effect type to distort, feedback, delays, cross, frequency shift, stereo etc. Another feature that caught our attention was the lazy mode that allows for different types of FX based on a pre-determined oscillation rate.



Rob Papen DelSane is available at an affordable price of $35.00



There are endless different possibilities that you can achieve with DelSane. Considering the vast variety of features available and the low latency of the plugin, DelSane does offer a great case for not just music production but also in the live music industry.



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