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Review: RPS – Thickify

Rocket-Powered Sound is a sound design & music production firm that started out offering high-quality Serum presets, wavetables, samples, and masterclasses. As an addition to their store, they recently launched their own first-ever plugin called Thickify. Since its launch, Thickify has attracted quite some attention among music producers. We spent the past couple of weeks trying to understand the details of the plugin and down below you’ll find our summarized review of this new saturation tool.


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Thickify has a very simple user interface. The options are straightforward and clear, without any additions of fancy features. The layout and functionality are similar to what you would get from Softtube’s Saturation Knob or the FL Studio Soundgoodizer. Besides its funny appearance, just like Dada Life’s Endless Smile plugin, it’s quite interesting to have a look at what Thickify really adds to the sound source.

Thickify’s digital circuitry consists out of a unique saturation algorithm that adds distortion to the sound source without sacrificing dynamics. With a total of 3 knobs, you’ll be able to add clarity, harshness, and presence to every sound. The large button, in the middle, will be functioning as a dry/wet knob of the total effect. While adding more of the effect, you’ll notice that animation will transform into a buffed character. This means that more saturation is being applied to the incoming signal. It will add odd harmonics, similar to a pulse waveform, to the sound source resulting in a dull sounding sound. Tone will add 2 sine waves to the incoming signal, resulting in a tone shift. It decreases the gain of the root note while increasing the gain of the harmonic frequency, 1 octave higher. This effect can be perfectly used on drums, for instance. The stress knob will add even harmonics on top of the root note, but will also add some low end. The drive knob will only add high-end, just like a high-shelf EQ. Both the stress and drive functions will add clarity and aggression to any sound.



Thickify is currently available at a price of $37, including a Thickify sound design course, lifetime free updates, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.



Thickify is a great option to instantly beef up basses, drums, synths, and FX. Not only, does it change the frequency spectrum of your sounds, it also changes the whole space around the sound especially when using it after your reverb/delay effects. Priced at just 37$, Thickify is definitely a bang for the buck.



Have a look at the plugin itself down below:

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Image Credits: Rocket Powered Sounds

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