Hit N Mix delivers RipX to help isolate instruments within tracks

For producers and DJs around the world, creating mash-ups, remixes, and new edits can be a major chore when trying to sample a selection or vocal from a track.  The team at Hit N Mix has developed a simple solution in their RipX software that can analyze any MP3 and break down the track into its key elements, separating vocals, guitars, piano, bass, and drums while offering a wide variety of editing tools.

Diving into RipX, there is DeepRemix, an editing software that features a simple layout that is rather intuitive to individuals accustomed to working with audio software.  To rip apart a track and isolate the various instruments, simply drag an MP3 onto the workspace and the software will analyze the track, revealing isolated colored waveforms showing the various elements of the track.  Users can even click a solo button to hone in on a specific instrument without having to highlight any of the visible audio.  From here, there are a variety of controls and tools available, allowing for the selection to be altered by pitch, time, or even add reverb or other effects to a desired piece of audio. It is also a great tool for players looking to break down specific melodies or progressions to learn on guitar, piano, or drums.  Once the audio has been separated, it makes for both clearer listening and creates midi selections for even more control and accuracy.  With the extended power of DeepCreate, Hit N Mix allows users to record in new sections of audio and provides loops and other audio creation tools built-in.


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With a recent update to the software, a variety of bug fixes and enhanced features were added to RipX to help ensure a smoother workflow with more capabilities.  To ensure the best quality audio samples are being ripped from the software, DeepAudio even provides tools to help enhance audio with its Harmonic Editor.  Even more curious about the various tools and uses of RipX, visit the website where they offer a wide variety of videos showcasing all the features.  All three tools, DeepRemix, DeepCreate, and DeepAudio are available now through Hit N Mix and come with a 21-day free trial to test the software.




Image Credit: Hit N Mix

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