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RNDI-8 Interface Proves Itself as an Audio Workhorse


For decades, Rupert Neve Designs have been known as pioneers in audio processing technology, and they did not disappoint in 2015 when they introduced the RNDI-8 interface to the world. The RNDI-8 is an 8-channel active transformer interface that consolidates each input into a single rack space. This makes it the ideal tool for “A-List” caliber stage productions and complex studio setups that feature many instruments. Since its launch, Neve has sold over 25,000 units to artists and engineers all over the world, and this proves why it is one of the most highly sought-after interfaces on the market.


The RNDI-8 is known for having an extremely high bandwidth that stretches between 5 Hz and 90 Hz. When combined with an output transformer that features harmonic enhancement technology, this device is perfect for delivering powerful low-end frequencies that add an extra layer of depth to any mix without compromising the quality of any mid or high bands. This is why so many artists and producers, including Tycho, have happily vouched for the benefits of this product. He had this to say in a statement:


“It’s an incredible unit. Pretty much everything I do is DI – synths, guitar, bass – and this is the best starting point for that because you have the most honest representation of the original performance and the instrument possible…there’s this weight to the low end and a sheen to the top end that’s very pleasing. It doesn’t get brittle, and the low end stays tight…it’s a fantastic DI.”


With that being said, the RNDI-8 has also proven itself to be a workhorse when it comes to its input capacity. At a whopping +21dBu, this device is the perfect candidate for handling not only instruments but also professional line-level sources like interfaces and drum machines. Furthermore, the limit can be boosted to +31dBu when paired with a -10dB pad, which is more than enough power to be able to tame the requirements of the highest input DJ systems on the market, such as the CDJ-3000.


Rupert Neve Designs has demonstrated that the hefty price tag of $1999 ( is worth every penny. From its outstanding sales performance to its unmatched versatility and sound enhancement capabilities, it is no surprise that the RNDI-8 has become of the most coveted pieces of audio equipment among the world’s best musicians, producers, and sound engineers.


Image credit: Neve

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