RØDE NT1 5th generation microphone

The new RØDE NT1 5th generation microphone is set to release

RØDE holds onto a catalog filled with music production equipment that’s operating at a professional level. Their headphones, interfaces, mixers, software, and microphones deliver high-quality results, which is the reason why you’ll find this brand in many studios. We’re excited to share that the famous RØDE NT1 condenser microphone has been upgraded into the new NT1 5th generation microphone.


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The classic NT1 is a condenser microphone that captures pristine audio sources for many big hits. The new NT1 5th generation delivers the same warm character you’re used to but it holds onto many amazing improvements. First of all, you can choose between a silver and black appearance which are typical for RØDE. It introduces extremely low noise, 4dBA, when recording, resulting in a microphone that’s stated as the quietest studio microphone on the planet. Besides the fact that it holds onto a high SPL capability, you can also use both an analog and digital output. This new connectivity feature includes a patent-pending ‘Dual Connect output’, meaning that the microphone can be connected through XLR (analog) to your audio interface/mixer or through USB (digital) directly to your PC. This feature offers you the capability to be flexible on any occasion. The built-in circuitry is improved with a renewed high-gain Preamp, advanced signal processing, and a 192kHz A/D converter. RØDE themselves state tha the microphone is ‘unclippable’ through the very first 32-bit float digital output. These dynamic and clean recordings can be processed  using the free RØDE Central app, RØDE Connect app, and UNIFY streaming app. Included, when buying, are:

  • 1x RØDE NT1 5th generation microphone
  • 1x SC29 USB cable
  • 1x XLR-6 cable
  • 1x SM6 shock mount

You can pre-order this microphone for $249. The release date is set for March 2023.

Have a closer look at the microphone down below:

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Image Credits: Rode.com

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