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Roland launch Aerophone AE-20 wind instrument

Roland launch Aerophone AE-20 wind instrument

Industry giant Roland has announced the release of the Aerophone AE-20, a digital wind instrument that will be the latest in a line of such innovative instruments from the Japanese company.

Described by Roland as “[delivering] all the playability and expression of the flagship Aerophone Pro in a more compact and streamlined design”, the AE-20 puts 250 acoustic and electronic sounds at your disposal, including everything from the typical saxophones, flutes, trumpets, and strings to world instruments like the erhu, shakuhachi, and bagpipes. Made with Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology, the instrument is endowed with the ability to provide lifelike dynamics, articulations, and overtones in accordance with your playing. It also contains the company’s ZEN-Core synthesis system, an advanced sound engine typically found in the company’s top-tier synths.

Built with incredible portability, the AE-20 comes with both a built-in speaker and a headphone jack, giving you the power to practice anytime, anywhere. The inclusion of USB-MIDI allows it to double as the ideal controller for your favorite DAW, or you can use the quarter-inch stereo output to plug directly into an amp or interface.


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With an actual reed in the mouthpiece for better response and an identical button layout to a standard saxophone, the AE-20 will feel perfectly natural for players of all levels. Play trumpet or other woodwind or brass instrument instead? No worries, there’s a variety of fingering layouts (including settings for left-handed players) to suit your needs. If you want to go in even deeper, you can download the free Aerophone Pro Editor app to customize settings and parameters to your heart’s content. Those new to wind instruments can even learn to play through the Aerophone lesson app! With all these features and accessibility, the AE-20 plays as well, if not better, than analogue, with all the power and range that only a Roland digital instrument can provide.

The Aerophone AE-20 will be available in the United States beginning in March at a retail MSRP of $999.99. Click here to see the official specs and info on the Roland website, and watch the video below to get a feel for the AE-20’s sounds!



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Image Credits: Roland