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Roland Legendary Synths receive major v2 update

As a global leader in piano and synth technology, Roland has always looked to elevate its products to meet the needs and high standards of its loyal user base.  Now the company is giving an update to some of its most utilized digital synthesizers to ensure a user experience and sound design that is worthy of the company’s storied legacy.

With the announcement of the massive v2 cloud update, users of Roland’s digital synthesizers will see an updated visual, with graphics worthy of modern DAWs and big studio screens, while maintaining the authenticity and user flow that producers have come to expect from the instruments.  The new updates will further provide producers with control over the shape of sounds through the new Tweak Panel, which will allow detailed customization across the vast patch bank.  Perhaps the most exciting update comes in the form of the new Mod shop.  While parameters and functions will sometimes “drift out of spec,” Roland’s newest update allows users to cycle through its Circuit Mod function to “sweep through multiple trims using a single macro control.  Along with the Condition parameter, which simulates the effects of aging, you can dial in everything from a factory-primed instrument to a road-worn synth that hasn’t seen a tech bench in decades.”

The new launch will specifically provide crucial updates to their Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 digital synthesizers.  All three instruments are available through Roland’s Cloud Plan, which is available in several tiers of membership that offers access to a variety of sounds and instruments.  To access Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 members need to subscribe to a Pro or Ultimate plan, which will give them access to the synthesizers and the accompanying patches and sounds.  Those who already subscribe to either tier or own a Lifetime Key are now able to update their own collection with the latest v2 launch.


Image Credit: Roland

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