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Roland releases two new hardware synths, JD-08 & JX-08

Roland, building upon its solid foundation of the most iconic pieces of hardware, has added 2 new synths to the product lineup alongside synths such as the TR-06, JU-06A, TR-08, and TB-03. The Roland JD-08 and the JX-08 synthesizers are the latest additions to the Roland family.


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The Roland JD-08 is a classic digital synth, based on the JD-800, with a modern touch. The JD-800 synthesizer was introduced in ’91 and immediately changed the world of synthesizers, by bringing it back to its roots. Most of the synthesizers back in the ’90s were preset-based without the ability to control every feature. This classic synth turned everything around. Its large control panel did revitalize a more hands-on approach, in order to create your own sounds or build on the 64 custom presets. Its aggressive sound palette had a huge impact on the sound that defines dance music to this day.


The Roland JX-08 is a smaller version of the iconic JX-8P synthesizer from the ’80s. This analog piece of hardware was one of Roland’s latest polyphonic synthesizers, containing 2 digital oscillators. Its hybrid approach combined analog circuitry together with a digital way of generating sounds. It’s most famous for its rich strings, pads, and brass sounds. The JX-8P was already built in a versatile way, at which the included PG-800 programmer could be used to go beyond the limitations of a single synthesizer.


Both hardware synthesizers maintained a familiar color tone as the originals, including a new sequencer and 2 new built-in effects: Reverb and Chorus. The JD-08 and the JX-08 synths are available at a price of $399.



Have a closer look at the JX-08 down below:

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Image Credits: Roland



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