Roland SH-4d synthesizer

Roland announces their new SH-4d desktop synthesizer

The House and Techno scenes up to the point where we are right now are certainly attributable to the developments of Roland. Their drum machines, synthesizers, sound modules, and basslines are the pieces of gear that still create solid foundations for many big productions. The iconic company announced an all-in-one desktop synthesizer/groovebox, the SH-4d, and we’re excited to tell you all about it.


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The Roland SH-4d synth is promised to be a future retro powerhouse, suitable for studios, performances, and traveling. That promise will be fulfilled through its compatible size and the addition of a total of 11 OSC models. The SH-4d Model can be stacked up with 4 different waveforms in order to create a fully analog synth sound. The Chord Model lets you change and create chords through single notes. Use the Drawing Model to create sounds you’ve never heard before by shaping your own waveforms. Create metallic sound through Ring Module, and add a touch of Roland’s iconic character by using the SH-101 & JUNO-106 Modules. Also included are the SH-3D Model, Cross FM Model, Wavetable Model, Sync Model, and PCM Model. All of these models contribute to the classicality, future, modulation, and legacy of Roland. Use the pitch, timbre, and a total of 4 sliders to change the features of the selected mode.

A total of 11 features are added to the filter section: HPF, 3 filter types (HPF, BPF, LPF), Cutoff, Resonance, Keyboard, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Envelope, and Drive. Shape the filter in a certain way or let it behave in a certain way through the envelope and top it off with an additional drive. The Amp section controls the Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Pan, and Level of the output signal, whereas the LFO section lets you control the Rate, Fade, Pitch, Filter, or Amp through different LFO types. A 60-note sequencer is right at your service to create complex polyphonic loops, new sounds, and sound design changes. Dive deep into the Matrix section where you can access a new range of LFOs, envelopes, and MIDI sources. In the Effects section you can call up different effects, set send levels, and control different parameters. To top it off, there are 95 different effect types for each sequencer part. Expect a chorus, phaser, flanger, pitch shifter, filter, delay, drive, and much more.


This piece of gear will only be available in the US, starting in March, for $649,99.


Have a closer look at the synthesizer down below:

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