Scammers earned up to $13,000 by selling fake AI Frank Ocean tracks

We can safely say that the music industry is reaching a tipping point at which new technology, mainly AI, is changing and forming it. The chaos revolving around this innovation isn’t showing the positive side of it but it definitely shows the power and capabilities it holds onto. When it comes to recreating vocals, these results are identical to the recordings of real artists, and musicians are earning a lot of money from them.


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News articles, regarding AI-generated Drake and Travis Scott tracks, are overloading the internet. Certain voice generators being used, such as, Murf,, are doing a great job of delivering high-quality replicas. One of the main reasons these songs are being made is to experiment with voices that are known to be sounding professional on any production and give the audience the tracks they are waiting for. These musicians aren’t able to earn money off of it, but the scammer certainly does.


Mourningassassin scammed their audience by selling fake AI-generated tracks of Frank Ocean for a high amount of money. The songs were being sold on a Discord server for $3,000-$4,000 per track. A producer was hired in order to create up to 9 Frank Ocean songs by using AI technology, mentioning that one of these tracks is a real track by the artist. Frank has stated that this isn’t true. Around $13,000 was earned through selling these songs. Vice’s Motherboard investigated this case by collecting Discord messages, forum posts, and interviews with the victims and scammers. The owner of this Discord server, called Gamma, was notified and stated the following: “We determined just about everything he [Mourningassassin] has is fake,” It’s highly possible that this case will be added to the other claims revolving around fake AI-generated songs. Not only are the original artists and labels threatened but also the audience that’s enjoying music.


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