Session Loops rolls out new RnB Guitar Pack Series

Session Loops rolls out new R&B Guitar Pack Series

Music software developers Session Loops recently released their new R&B Guitar Pack Series, consisting of nine packs (Are & Be, Illusion Upside Down, In Full Bloom, The Past is No Longer Recalled, Interstellar Train, Lingering Light of the Setting Sun, Mask Off, Delicious but Poisonous, and Shrine of Emptiness) all centered around contemporary R&B and its various subgenres.


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Containing over 100 presets in every pack, the series was recorded by a total of 9 session guitarists, resulting in over 200 grooves, licks, and fills being recorded in total. The packs are all oriented around R&B, but some, such as In Full Bloom (pop/indie) and Delicious but Poisonous (Jazz/Indie) contain a little bit of a different flavor. All of them, however, benefit from Session Loops’ signature high level of customization: regardless of whether you’ve decided to use an existing loop or make your own from scratch, the loop editor function lets you tailor any loop to your exact specifications. You can go right into the loop and change the order and pitches of the grooves, fills, riffs, and entire chord progressions up to 4 bars- it’s almost like having a session guitarist at your command.



Session Loops starts at a regular subscription of $5.99 a month, with a 14-day free trial available for new users. If you’re looking for an option that won’t cost you a dime, then you’re in luck- Session Loops is now actually fully freemium, thanks to a new feature where users can share loops with their friends and earn extra credits. Free users will get up to 15 credits a month for sharing loops, at a rate of one credit for every 3 streams.

Ready to use Session Loops’ R&B Guitar Pack Series in one of your projects? Click here to visit the Session Loops website and get signed up, or watch the video below to learn more about Session Loops and how it works. Also, don’t forget to check out Session Loops’ brand new acoustic nylon guitar pack.




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Image Credits: Session Loops