Skullcandy launches Mod Bluetooth Earbuds

The new Skullcandy Mod Bluetooth earbuds are set to change the market. The American company is known for many headphones that come at a reasonable and rather low price, but they deliver a great sound and experience. Nowadays Bluetooth earbuds are a must-have and everybody has at least one pair of them. But the price range of high-quality earbuds is immense and Skullcandy is up to change that. Let us take a closer look at Skullcandy’s Mod Bluetooth Earbuds in-depth down below.


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At first, the multipoint Bluetooth makes it possible to stay connected with two devices at once, without any problems. They manage themselves and switch to your phone when you get a call even if you’re watching movies or working on your laptop. With Stay Aware Skullcandy delivers another pro feature because the earbuds won’t keep you in a solo mode while walking on the street or working at the office to still get important information that happens around you.


In total the Mod Bluetooth earbuds have a battery life of 34 hours divided into a 7-hour earbud battery and a 27-hour case battery. Skullcandy also added a customized earbud app where you can control different features like Equalization, Multipoint Bluetooth, and the stay aware mode. Plus you have a button control where you can change the settings of your earbud settings the way you like it.

Skullcandy`s Mod Bluetooth earbuds are now available for Pre-Order and with pricing of just 59,99 dollars they are set to give you a great listening and working experience for a low budget.



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Image credits: Skullcandy