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Solid State Logic expands ORIGIN range with new 16 channel board

Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced that it is expanding its ORIGIN range of products by introducing the new ORIGIN 16-channel mixer to the product line.  The new model is a condensed version of the highly popular 32-channel mixing board, and while it offers the same features as it’s predecessor, the smaller size makes it ideal for project studios, music technology schools and colleges as well as any smaller producer studios and/or mix rooms.

“We are thrilled to extend the ORIGIN range, offering no-compromise SSL quality to an even broader range of professionals. For its size and footprint, we are confident there is no other analogue console on the market today that offers superior performance or value.” 

Those words from Nigel Beaumont, Managing Director of Solid State Logic, speak to both the quality of the board itself as well as the understanding of the needs of the modern producers and studio space- the larger rooms of the past are increasingly less normal for artists.  The new board is exciting for its simple signal flow and layout, allowing users to maintain an efficient workflow throughout sessions, while also offering low power consumption as well power saving features, helping to lower overall operating costs.


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As for the sound capabilities, the ORIGIN 16 comes equipped with a PureDrive microphone preamplifier, ideal for mixing or tracking and even giving users the option of an ultra clean sound, as experienced in previous SSL mixers, or engaging the “Drive” function to achieve a “warmer, more harmonically rich tone.”  The new board will also feature the classic SSL EQ for which it’s product lines have become known for.  The ORIGIN 16 will come with the E-Series 242 “EQ” as well as a built-in classic SSL Bus Compressor, with sidechain access and HP filter, all essential tools for achieving the perfect mix. 

Key Features include:

  • 16 mono in-line channels / 16 track busses / 8 stereo subgroups / total of 56 inputs at mixdown.
  • Same master section and monitoring options as 32 channel ORIGIN.
  • PureDrive™ mic pre inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL Mic Pre designs, and can switch to a warm, harmonically rich and driven tone that varies with mic pre gain when the “Drive” function is activated.
  • Mix bus and mix amp architecture delivers an amazingly low noise floor, huge headroom along with SSL’s latest summing bus technology that retains the classic SSL sound while bringing the breadth and space to mixes.
  • Acclaimed SSL E-Series ‘242 type’ four band parametric channel EQ.
  • Classic SSL Bus Compressor with sidechain access and HP filter.
  • Balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader Channel Paths.
  • Dedicated Channel Direct Output make it easy to print mixes to the workstation.
  • Modern circuit designs and unique power management tools deliver ultimate reliability and low running costs.

The SSL ORIGIN 16 is available now for £29,999 + VAT / $39,999 + Tax and can be ordered here.

Imade Credit: Solid State Logic