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Solid State Logic (SSL) Black Friday 2022 sale on VST Plugins

Solid State Logic (SSL) is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to mixing equipment and software. The British firm’s catalog features products such as mixing consoles, signal processors, and other audio technology. However, for the purpose of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only some of their software plugins are available at a discounted price. The Solid State Logic (SSL) Black Friday sale runs till December 6th. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.




Solid State Logic Black Friday 2022 Deals on VST Plugins


SSL Band Bundle – $49.99(discounted from $597.99)

The band bundle comes in with 3 SSL plugins namely Drumstrip, Vocalstrip 2 & Guitarstrip. The Drumstrip features five audio processing tools – an intuitive gate, low and high-frequency harmonic enhancers, a transient shaper, listen mic compressor (LMC), and a fully re-orderable processing path. The SSL Vocalstrip 2 plug-in combines EQ and dynamics modules with essential vocal processors to bring power, character, and clarity to your vocals. The SSL Guitarstrip is a processing tool for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Featuring two classic analog drive emulations – guitar amp and bass amp.


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SSL Native FlexVerb – $29.99(discounted from $279.00)

FlexVerb is a brand-new SSL reverb plug-in. FlexVerb contains all the basic features one would expect from a reverb plugin. It features a 6-band EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, 3-band reverb time multipliers, and an input sidechain compressor to help you craft a reverb that sits perfectly in your mix. If you crave for the classic analog SSL sound, this is the one for you.



SSL Guitarstrip – $39.99 (discounted from $199.99)

Guitarstrip contains some exquisite features for guitar processing. It features four guitar-processing modules. You also get the option to add drive and grit to supplied audio. Guitarstrip comes with two classic analogue tube amp drive emulations, including harmonic tone-shaping controls. The compressor module allows you to tame levels and add punch to your sounds.


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