Sonic Charge BeatSpace

Meet new AI beatmaker Sonic Charge BeatSpace

Sonic Charge is a music production company creating plugins, rack extensions, patterns, and software emulators. One of their plugins, Synthplant, gave the company a lot of exposure due to a video of Swedish House Mafia where they mention using the plugin in their massive hit ‘One’. This time, Sonic Charge announced the development of a neural network that creates beats for Microtonic. Have a look down below to find out what the Sonic Charge BeatSpace offers.


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Microtonic offers you 100% synthetic drum sounds, generatable through its pattern-based drum-machine engine. Patternarium, Microtonic’s largest patch randomizer, is a collection of patterns generated by computers that give you the ability to access endless possibilities. As an addition to this large catalog of sounds, they developed BeatSpace. A collection of almost 30.000 presets, taken from Patternarium, is the core of this neural network. It spreads all of the included drums and rhythmical sounds on a 2D map, which is the layout of BeatSpace. This network has been translated into a script that can be read by Microtonic. A total of 8 different points have been added that can be dragged across the stellar-looking map. Each point is 1 drum channel, where you can morph them separately in order to find the sweet spot. Increase and decrease high-end, rumble, low-end, and everything in between. You can also click on the dice to randomize the patterns. By right-clicking on the map, you can decide to copy the current constellation and paste the constellation.

The Sonic Charge BeatSpace is included in the latest Official Microtone Script installer. It’s a free addition but only available for registered users.

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