sonicLab Fundamental3

sonicLab has released Fundamental3

sonicLab is continuing to develop and fine-tune its already incredible line of plug-ins and digital software for music producers.  The company has now introduced Fundamental3, the latest update to its Fundamentals line of sound synthesis tools.

Released an as update to the popular Fundamental2, the new release is free for those who own the previous edition or can be purchased as a standalone plugin.  For the new upgrade, users will have enhanced features such as a stochastic sequencer as well as new parameters to further adjust sequence lengths following each cycle.  With more ability to control and create sequences than ever, Funamental3 provides a selection of probabilistic functions which can distribute the onset and duration values of events as well as the sequence length.  Utilizing the vast control options of the new release, producers can also deterministically distribute the events, with the ability to further manipulate the sequence distribution.

With Fundamental3, producers also can quantize onset and duration values and even freeze the current distribution, similar to how a DAW operates.  The new release also offers oscillator cloning.  When using the clone, the oscillator receives the same parameters but offers the ability to detune and also interacts with a unique set of GEN modulators.  Another new feature is the additional envelopes that operate separately from the oscillator gain level mixer, further providing new options for creation.

As previously mentioned, Fundamental3 is being offered as a free upgrade for users of the previous sonicLab Oscillator bundle, which includes Thermo2 and Fundamental2.  Those interested in purchasing it as a standalone plugin are also able to do so right here.

With a full interface of controls, producers have seemingly limitless options for crafting sequences that are both unique as well as a perfect complement to any work.

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