Sound Particles release first-ever 3D synth, SkyDust

Portugal-based Sound Particles have yet to become a household name among producers, but their newest synth could very well change that. A major innovation in spatial audio, Sound Particles SkyDust is the world’s first-ever 3D synth!


Obviously, the main selling point for SkyDust is the 3D capability, but Sound Particles appear to have done a very good job of making sure this synth isn’t just a one-trick pony. The synth is endowed with hundreds of presets and plenty of ways to customize them, such as randomization, sub-presets (in which you save/load specific parts of the synth), and random locking. Up to eight oscillators per voice and up to 256 voices mean the possibilities are just about limitless. The arpeggiator and sequencer give you all sorts of ways to build your track; FM, filters, and pitch effects give you everything you need to sculpt it.


Most importantly, SkyDust features a fully integrated 3D engine. Typical features you would find in a synth (i.e. sequencers, envelope generators, LFOs, etc.) are suddenly more exciting than ever. With this synth, you can make notes attack from one direction and release to another; you can create position variances in notes to have them start in different places; you can even set the different spatial settings for each oscillator!


SkyDust is now available from the company’s website at a special, limited-time introductory offer- the stereo version, which has no 3D capabilities, is available for $148.99 (normally $199.99), with the full edition currently at a price of $299.01 (normally $399.00). Watch the embedded video below for a full preview straight from Sound Particles!




Image credit: Sound Particles (Press)

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