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SoundCloud for Artists: Famed audio platform rebrands artist services

One of music’s most notable audio platforms is committing to making an easier and more egalitarian future for artists. SoundCloud, best known as the launching pad for a number of notable acts in the past several years, is revamping its artist services by launching SoundCloud for Artists.


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Announced in a recent blog post by company SVP and former Twitch head of music Tracy Chan, SoundCloud for Artists is an all-in-one platform for creators to handle everything in relation to their distribution, promotion, monetization, and more. This shift will give artists an easier and more transparent way to access their own information- they will be able to view recent releases, streaming numbers, revenue, top tracks, etc. in the same place, with existing tracks and releases already having migrated over.


The move seems to be a doubling-down of sorts from the Berlin company, who already made a huge change to help artists by launching Fan-Powered Royalties last year. A new model of payouts based directly on fan’s real listening habits, the new system has allowed for a huge growth in revenue for the average SoundCloud artist.


A change in system also means a few cosmetic changes, with the names for subscription plans being updated as follows:

  • SoundCloud Basic becomes Next
  • Repost becomes Next Plus
  • Pro Unlimited becomes Next Pro

Prices and features remain the same.

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Image credit: Oliver Graumnitz via Pixabay (Pixabay License)