Sounds of KSHMR Vol.4 – latest in popular sample pack series hits Splice

California DJ/producer KSHMR has been one of the biggest names in dance music for some time now, having released plenty of singles, EPs, and a full album, as well as playing just about every major festival both in our genre and in music as a whole. As those of us who make music know, he also has a series of renowned sample packs in conjunction with Splice- lucky for us, Sounds of KSHMR Vol.4 is here!


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Vol.4, much like its predecessors, contains a large variety of loops and one-shots for every type of sound you could want. It’s not quite as huge as vols. 2 or 3, but it still packs a punch with a total of 750 samples and 15 presets. There’s a good balance between standard sample pack sounds (typical drums, bass, synth, brass and woodwind, etc.) and more unique offerings (often one-shots with a distinctly Indian flavor)- no matter what kind of music you’re making or how conventional you want to be, this pack is a good place to start when hunting for new sounds.


The artist’s relationship with Splice goes back about 7 years, when he uploaded his first project file to the company’s website. He’s since released 3 prior packs in his “Sounds of KSHMR” series, all of which have gone on to become some of the most popular packs in the site’s history. He and Splice also have a widely-viewed series of instructional videos called “Lessons of KSHMR”, covering everything from orchestral and ethnic instruments to demonstrating how to make a powerful drop.


Sounds of KSHMR Vol.4 is now available on the official Splice website and contains 750 samples. Each one of the 750 sounds can be downloaded at the cost of 1 credit; the 15 presets in the pack cost 5 credits apiece, with the exceptions of “Bitcrush Dreams”, “VHS Magic”, “Super Saw”, and “Funky Drive”, which go for 3 credits.




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Image credit: Splice