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Soundtoys Spring Sale on VST Plugins 2023

Soundtoys is having a Spring Sale, offering a chance to purchase their products at a discounted price. This sale is a great opportunity for music producers, sound engineers, and anyone interested in creating music to get their hands on the best plugins available in the market. With the sale, customers can save a considerable amount on their purchases while enjoying the same exceptional quality of Soundtoys’ products. Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring producer, the Spring Sale by Soundtoys is a must-check-out event for all music lovers.


Best Soundtoys Spring Sale Deals on VST Plugins

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Get to know more about some of the above-mentioned deals down below:


1. Soundtoys Effect Rack 

The Soundtoys Effect Rack can be compared to NI’s Kontakt Player because of its standalone compatibility. When loading up you can select out of 14 different Soundtoys effects and use them after one another. This complete rack will be functioning as a normal processing chain but this time within 1 plugin. Included within are the well-known Decapitator, FilterFreak, Radiator, EchoBoy, and PrimalTap, just to name a few. Soundtoys categorized all of the included presets into basics, chorus, delays, filters, spaces, modulation, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and sound design. Use this rack on individual sounds, groups, buses, sends, and even on your master in order to achieve professional-sounding tracks.



2. Decapitator

Soundtoys Decapitator is a popular analog saturation plugin used in music production to add warmth, character, and grit to audio recordings. It emulates the sound of classic analog gear, specifically the harmonics and distortion that occur naturally when recording to tape or through analog circuitry. Decapitator offers a wide range of saturation options, including subtle harmonic enhancement to extreme distortion and everything in between. It’s a go-to plugin for many producers and engineers who want to add character and depth to their mixes.



3. PhaseMistress

PhaseMistress is an analog phase shifter, perfectly usable on drums, guitars, vocals, synths, and basses. Through the frequency, resonance, and modulation features, you can decide which frequencies you want to shift and how much this effect will be applied by using the mix knob. Tap Tempo will give you the freedom to sync the phasing effect to your beat, whereas you can affect this by using different rhythms, shapes, and grooves. You can choose from multiple styles that will work with different sounds, but you can even deeply customize your effect by heading over to the style edit section. This section comes with different modulators for frequency, resonance, and resonance offset. Choose between 7 different analog styles, shape the waveform, and the total rhythm of the effect.


4. Tremolator 

This tremolo effects unit will dive a little deeper into the technical side of simply adding volume changes. Tremolator is a replica of the original Fender Vibrolux guitar amp. By using the depth, groove, feel, and accent features you can change the effect to your liking. It comes with multiple shapes and rhythms, but you can also change the rate yourself or sync it to the right tempo. Click on the tweak button to open up a whole new section of different features, where you can control the threshold, attack, release, rate, depth, width, shapes, and rhythm.



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