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Soundtoys Summer Sale on Plugins [2023]

Soundtoys, the acclaimed producer of audio effects plugins, has announced their highly anticipated yearly summer sale. Running from July 27th to August 10th, 2023, the sale offers savings of up to 75% on individual plugins, and Effect Rack. For over two decades, Soundtoys has established themselves as a leader in creative audio effects that pay homage to the iconic sounds of vintage gear. Their roster of more than 20 plugins offers producers, engineers, and musicians the ability to infuse warm analog character into their projects.


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The Soundtoys mini summer sale provides an excellent opportunity for both newcomers and seasoned users to expand their sonic palettes. Some of their most popular plugins are included in the promotion:


– Little AlterBoy (Reg. $99, Now $49) – Soundtoys Little AlterBoy is a vocal processing plugin that manipulates pitch, formant, and timbre for radical voice alteration effects.


– MicroShift (Reg. $99, Now $29) – Pitch-shifting plugin that adds width, depth and movement to vocals and instruments using subtle detuning and phase-based chorus effects.


– PrimalTap (Reg. $99, Now $29) – Creative delay plugin with advanced rhythm editing features for crafting everything from simple echoes to complex, tempo-synced delay patterns

– Decapitator (Reg. $199, Now $49) – Five models of analog saturation that provide everything from silky warmth to full-on distortion.


– Soundtoys Effect Rack (Reg. $299, Now $169) – a customizable multi-effects rack that allows combining and routing Soundtoys plugins for creative sound design and mixing possibilities.


The Soundtoys sale only comes around a few times a year, so potential customers are encouraged to act fast to get these savings before the promotion ends on July 30. For those looking to add some new colors to their audio palette, this is the perfect time to harness the Power of Soundtoys.



Image credits: Soundtoys

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