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Soundtoys release SuperPlate Reverb Plugin

Soundtoys has just released their highly anticipated SuperPlate reverb plugin, and it’s currently available at a jaw-dropping 45% off for a limited time. This powerful tool brings the unique tonal character of five iconic electromechanical plate reverbs right into your studio, without the need for a massive investment or the back-breaking weight of the originals.


SuperPlate boasts advanced algorithms that capture a level of realism and versatility unmatched in the world of plugins, allowing you to create luscious and expansive effects with ease. At its core, SuperPlate features meticulous models of five revered plate reverbs: the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, Stocktronics RX4000, and EcoPlate III. Each of these plate styles is faithfully reproduced, ensuring that you can enjoy the distinctive sonic signatures and tonal characteristics they’re known for.


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What sets SuperPlate apart is its three flavors of analog coloration: Tube, Solid-State, and Clean. These options can be combined with any of the available plate styles, giving you a wide range of tonal possibilities. Whether you’re looking for warm and vintage vibes, precise and controlled sounds, or clean and transparent reverberation, SuperPlate has got you covered.


The plugin also offers a wealth of modern digital features, including infinite decay time, built-in predelay, expanded modulation controls, a full-featured EQ for detailed tonal shaping, and a unique decay ducking option that adjusts decay time to reduce overlap or build-up. With SuperPlate, you have complete control over every aspect of your reverbs, allowing you to craft the perfect ambience for your mixes.


Furthermore, SuperPlate provides you with two different preamp models: Tube and Solid-State, along with a Clean mode. These preamp options can be combined with any of the plate styles, adding further depth and character to your sound. The Tube mode emulates the original EMT V54 preamp, injecting harmonic spice into your signal. The Solid-State mode, modeled after the EMT 162 preamp, includes a built-in compressor to control and tame transients. The Clean mode preserves the pure sound of the plate models without any additional distortion or dynamics.


To tailor the reverb to fit your mix, SuperPlate offers a built-in 4-band EQ. The low-cut filter prevents excessive low-frequency buildup, while the high-cut filter ensures seamless blending with the original sound. The two parametric bands allow you to tame mid-range resonances or add high-frequency sheen, adding the final touch to your reverberation.


The 45% discount for a limited time makes it even more enticing. Check out the Soundtoys SuperPlate reverb plugin in action down below:




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