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Review: Spitfire Audio Cimbalom

Spitfire Audio recently released a new library Cimbalom as a part of its Originals series. Cimbalom primarily focuses on percussion for film scoring and writing orchestral music. Thanks to the lush tone it has featured in movies like Sherlock Holmes, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Grand Budapest Hotel. Down below is our in-depth review of the library.


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This hammered dulcimer contains several metal strings in which the strings are beaten with small hammers. The Cimbalom can be used as the main instrument or as a texture, cutting through the mix due to its metallic tone. Cimbalom contains 3 modes (starred, long, and short), 5 presets (performance, sustained, damped, tremolo, and warp) to blend into your production, and 3 additional options (close, tree, and pitched) to change the timbre of the sound. Standard features such as the gain, overdrive, reverb & ADSR envelopes are also included.


The 1.7 GB sized Spitfire Audio‘s Cimbalom library is currently available for €29. Check out the library down below.


The library is a great addition to your toolkit if you are looking for some authentic Duclimer sounds.


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Image Credit: Spitfire Audio

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