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Spitfire Audio Originals- powerful, instant & affordable songwriting tools

Spitfire Audio is renowned for making some of the finest sounds in the game- founded by composers in 2007, they work with world-class musicians in state-of-the-art studios to provide producers with some utterly incredible tools. You may already know them for LABS, but as they’ve demonstrated with the quick and trouble-free Spitfire Audio Originals, they are so much more.


Originals is a series of instant writing tools- simple, fast, and reasonably priced, Originals allows composers and producers to use excellent samples in a clutter-free, user-friendly plugin. Straightforward sliders and a customizable mod wheel give you the power to tailor sounds to your specific needs, and built-in presets and effects across a variety of these tools give you both versatility and ease of use.


There are 18 different iterations in the Originals series:

  • Epic Choir
  • Intimate Grand Piano
  • Media Toolkit
  • Intimate Strings
  • Epic Strings
  • Epic Brass + Woodwinds
  • Cinematic Frozen Strings
  • Cinematic Pads
  • Cinematic Percussion
  • Abe Laboriel Jr. Drums
  • Cinematic Soft Piano
  • Jangle Box Piano
  • Felt Piano
  • Firewood Piano
  • Mrs. Mills Piano
  • Drumline
  • Wurli
  • Cimbalom


All of the Spitfire Audio Originals are available on the official Spitfire website at a price of just $29. Watch the video below for an in-depth look at how Originals works and all you can do with these amazing tools!



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Image credit: Spitfire