Spitfire Audio Autograph Grand

Spitfire Audio releases a free piano plugin, Autograph Grand

Spitfire Audio added a new virtual instrument to their 55-suited LABS catalog. A brand new piano has been added to their roster as a free instrument. In addition to their free Bell Swarm, Cassette synth, Gaelic Voices, Electronic Antique, Vintage Drums, and the Foghorn, you can be the musician yourself with the Autograph Grand piano.


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Labs’ free Autograph Grand is the first piano in line with Spitfire’s free instruments. A Yamaha C6 Grand Piano is the instrument it revolves around. This amazing piece served many great artists such as Lady Gaga, Barbara Streisand, and Ariana Grande the warmth and elegance throughout their songs. The Yamaha is currently stationed in the Woodshed Recording studios, Malibu, from where they recorded the beauty that this piano brings to the table. From now on, you can access its sound with just a few clicks.

As usual, you can add additional room action to the original sound. A clean reverb will be applied, adding an authentic touch to the character of the piano. You can adjust the tightness of the sound as well. You can go up to 40ms pre-delay, depending on how much you want to affect the piano. Furthermore, there’s only 1 preset included as you probably don’t need anything else. Hook up LABS to your keyboard & pedals and be amazed by the warm sound it offers you.

Spitfire Audio Autograph Grand is supported by Mac OSX 10.13 – Mac OS 11 Intel, M1 Macs, and Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Get your free copy of this plugin as VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU.



Have a look at the piano itself down below:

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Image Credits: Soundonsound.com


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