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spitfire mrs. mills piano

Review: Spitfire Mrs Mills Piano

Spitfire Audio released Mrs. Mills Piano as a successor to their immaculate series of Hans Zimmer piano, Firewood piano, and the Orchestral Grand piano. Mrs. Mills Piano was released on March 25, this year, in name of the British pianist Gladys Mills. Down below is our review of the plugin.


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Spitfire, once again, did an extraordinary job in recording this Steinway piano in the famous Abbey Road studios in London. This grand piano was recorded in Studio Two which is known for its unique design. Besides the warm character of the Mrs. Mills piano, it also defines itself through the metallic overtones due to the striking of the hammers. Spitfire recorded 5 different timbres of the piano: close, clean, all together, 1968, and distant divided into 3 sections: starred, modern, and vintage. The piano can be used as a great layer to make your piano group stand out or just as a single piano sound that will create an atmosphere on its own. Use the close, room, or vintage features to adjust its timbre to your track, or use the reverb, tightness, hammers, and pedal features to dive a little deeper into the piano.


This 4.6 GB-sized Mrs. Mills piano is available at a price of €29. Load it up into the Spitfire Audio app and get access to this unique piano.


Take a closer look at the piano itself down below:

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Image Credit: Logic-Nation



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