Spitfire Originals: Rare Flute

Spitfire introduces new library, Originals: Rare Flute

Spitfire Audio is a leading production company when it comes to translating real-life instruments into digital instruments. What first started with a release of a single instrument grew up to be one of the biggest library-based companies in the field of movie scores. ‘A series of instant writing tools’, called Originals, has a newcomer. Introducing Spitfire Originals: Rare Flute.


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Spitfire’s catalog already holds onto libraries filled with flutes, such as Jon Meyer – The Feathered Flute and Abbey Road – Wondrous Flutes, but these rare flutes are just a bit different. This library is compiled from different sources taken from different places all over the globe. Andy Findon, an exceptional flautist, is the artist behind these recordings. The following woodwind flutes are included:

  • Chinese bamboo flute
  • Contrabass Flute
  • Fujara
  • Chinese Membrane Flute
  • Mid Ocarina
  • Low Ocarina
  • Bansuri
  • Low Pan Pipes

All of these special flutes can be controlled by their tone through 3 different signals: Close, Room, and Spring Reverb. Whether you want a close recorded signal, a compact recording, or a spacy recording, these signals are suitable for all of them. Simply enable the right one and dial in the right amount. Furthermore, you can add additional reverb and vibrato to the sound and you’ll be able to control the release and tightness of the source. A total of 16, long – and short articulation, presets are included which are suitable for a vast range of occasions.

Spitfire Originals: Rare Flute is available as VST, VST3, AAX, and AU for Windows 7 and higher & Mac OS X 10.13 to OS 12. This library is available for a price of €29.

Have a listen to the sounds down below:

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Image Credits: SpitfireAudio

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