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Spotify DJ introduces AI-generated musical curator

Spotify is always looking to set itself apart from other music streaming services such as Apple Music and Tidal by delivering a unique experience and creating new features to help enhance the listener’s journey.  Their newest announcement looks to utilize AI-generated technology to help provide listeners with a curated experience that is unique to their tastes and interests.

Earlier this year, Spotify looked to further embed itself into listeners’ preferences and passions by creating the new Playlist In A Bottle feature that would create a digital time capsule, utilizing several fun questions to decipher people’s top songs, and the choices will be revealed back to the listener in on year to remind people of what was going on musically in early 2023.  With its next major launch, Spotify is taking things several stops further by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to help learn the habits and interests of users. Spotify DJ listeners will have a personalized digital musical curator that will not only line up music for listening, but even offer facts about the artists, or the purpose for the genre or feel of the playlists.

The DJ, or “X,” is named after Spotify’s own Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan; The former host of The Get Up provides the current voice for the setting, allowing for calming dialogue between tracks.  While the DJ will make decisions about what to be played, based on the listener’s recent habits, the company’s short introductory video reveals the way new technology will communicate with the user in between delivering a collection of songs. Of course, sometimes the mood may need a change, and with the tap of a button on the app’s interface, the DJ will step in and pivot the vibe of the music immediately.

As of now, the feature is available in English for Premium Users in Canada and the United States.  Check out the full introductory video for Spotify DJ below.

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