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Will Spotify's HiFi service be available soon?
Spotify HiFi
Credits: Spotify (https://newsroom.spotify.com/stream-on-2023/)

Will Spotify's HiFi service be available soon?

Home Uncategorized Will Spotify's HiFi service be available soon?

Back in March 2021, Spotify announced the release of their new HiFi service. Due to the continuous evolution of the technological music industry, Spotify had to postpone this launch and adjust their development. The most obvious question was addressed in a recent interview about this new service, “what happened to this service and when will it be released”. Have a look down below to find out.


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Spotify’s Co-president, Gustav Söderström, was invited to a recent interview with the US technology news website ‘The Verge’. During this interview, they covered a lot of aspects surrounding Spotify which the long-awaited question had been asked. What happened to this premium HiFi tier that you all talked about in 2021?” Spotify announced a new service tier for premium users only, assuring the artist and users a higher sound quality when listening. The launch of this service was planned to be done in 2021, but due to the industry changing, they had to postpone it. Mentioning that the industry changed in many ways, they had to adapt to it in a way that makes sense for Spotify and the listeners.

The Verge: Was it because it was cost-prohibitive from a margin perspective with the labels? Was that the reason?” There are many reasons why Spotify had to make the decision to delay the launch. Of course, money is a big factor that prevents or succeeds an idea from an actual launch especially when many big profit-seeking companies are included. Gustav mentioned that they also had to figure out what to do from a cost perspective way, but won’t give us more details on agreements with labels and artists.

As mentioned, Spotify created this service to offer a new high-quality music experience, but what can we expect? Spotify HiFi brings more clarity and depth to your music experience by implementing only lossless audio formats in the form of CD quality. Lossless files are less compressed and of a higher quality. In order to reach a broader audience, they implemented HiFi into Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. A new HiFi feature will be included where you can enable or disable the service. I would like to mention once again that this service will only be available for premium users.

Currently and as things stand, there are no actual details on the launch of this development. Click here to have a look at the interview.

Spotify HiFi:

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Image Credits: Spotify

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