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Spotify launches In-Focus Artist platform

Spotify recently launched In-Focus, an artist platform to help aspiring and professional music producers and artists navigate and build their careers.

In recent years Spotify has made many steps towards artists to help them understand the tools of Spotify and they have developed multiple handy features which are available on the Spotify for Artists App & Web. A creator could then pitch their music better to editorial teams, see more in-depth info, and they have made an academy program with videos by Spotify employees and editorials.


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Spotify In-Focus is now the next big step and they have decided to focus the new platform on earning revenue as an artist, promoting music, connecting with fans, and making music. Spotify Marquee (Spotify’s own music promotion) is also featured in In-Focus and has a video guideline where Spotify editorials explain how their promotion works and how artists can benefit from it. In addition, artists will get this content and some promotional tools for free, for example, Spotify`s Promo Cards, where you can make shareable posts over milestones, new music, your artist’s profile, or upcoming shows.


Spotify’s In-Focus features in addition to the editorial videos, videos from superstars like ASAP Ferg, Olivia Rodrigo, Phoebe Bridgers etc., and claimed that the website will be updated regularly with new content, videos, and tools to help artists and to keep the website fresh. With this ambition, they have made a great choice giving producers and artists more knowledge and tools to benefit from streaming.



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Image credits: Spotify